Monday, February 09, 2009


I love smoothies. It makes me feel all healthy or something. I don't know. But there's something refreshing about drinking frozen fruit. And lately, I can't get enough.

Last week I made blueberry-banana. Today, strawberry-banana. So yum.

There's not really a recipe for it (although I swear I saw it on Martha years ago, but I can't find it now). It's all rough estimates. Just change it to suit your taste.

To the blender* add:

1 1/2 - 2 frozen bananas
1 1/2 - 2 cups frozen blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, etc.
3 large spoonfuls of cottage cheese
1 1/2 - 2 cups juice (apple, etc.) to get the blender moving, adding more if necessary
a few squeezes of your favorite local honey

Add all ingredients, making sure the juice makes its way down to the blades. Blend until smooth. (I usually add the honey after it's all blended.)

*You don't need a smoothie maker to make them. I have a smoothie maker, but forgot I had one and used my regular old blender. It's a lot easier to clean. Trust me. No gunky spout.

Also, the bananas I used were seriously overripe and were headed to the trash. (I didn't want to bother with making banana bread that day.) I removed the peel, cut them into thirds, and stuck them in a freezer bag. I have a few more bananas today heading to the freezer.

* * * * *
Running update: I have been continuing to run 3 - 3 1/2 miles every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. Even though I was sick last week. On Saturday nights I have my "long run." I ran my first six-miler this past Saturday. This morning during my morning run, my leg started to hurt a bit. It hurt worse after my run, so I promptly started on the meds my doctor gave me in August when I hurt my knee. It doesn't feel so bad now. I don't have time to be injured now. I've committed to three 5Ks this spring.


Gail :) said...

We LOVE smoothies here too! I can't beleive you run! Good for you. I think I need to get some work out motivation too. And seriously three 5k's this spring? You are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Smoothies...i think we should have been sisters. i made banana-strawberry last week and got the blueberries out last night to make straw/blueberry smoothies! i am headed out to do a 2 miler!

jessi said...

That sounds like a really great and very do-able running plan. I may adopt it.

nikko said...

Yum. Smoothies. I buy the big bag of frozen mixed fruit at Sam's and then mix with whatever liquid (milk, juice, or even plain water with a tiny bit of sugar). Sometimes I add yogurt, but I like the idea of adding cottage cheese.

mommyknows said...

We are smoothie lovers too! I pretty much use frozen berries, but they have to have BANANA!

randi said...

We do smoothies too. I just add juice and fruit and call it good. Overipe bananas sweeten things up.

I am such a flaky runner! I have done nothing, even though I wanted to. You are inspiring me to get back to it. Some weight really needs to come off before I wear shorts this year!

another amy said...

Smoothies are the best! Guess what I started adding to our berry smoothies a while back? Raw spinach. Seriously! Makes it even healthier and you don't even taste it. I was worried my kids would freak out, but they didn't and now they expect it. Makes me feel like an awesome mom at least once in a while.

utmommy said...

I love smoothies! I'm always up for a new recipe. Sounds fab. Thanks for the new ideas.

Karyn said...

I don't like bananas, but the smoothies look good.

3 - 5k's????? You go girl!!

amandajean said...

i have tried to like smoothies, but i do not. i think it's the purreed (sp?) bananas that turn me off. they always look yummy, though.

you are signed up to run 3 (!!!!!!) 5K's? now I might have to disown YOU as a twin. ;0) um, i mean, i'm sure you will do great! better you than me.