Thursday, February 04, 2010

Baby Shower Gifts

Back in November* I was invited to a baby shower for my sister-in-law's sister. She was expecting her second son with an eight-year gap.

When I glanced over the gift registry I saw she wanted some long-sleeve onesies. I was excited because I knew personalized onesies would be fun and unique. I made one with an appliqued tie (the same style that Sawyer wore many, many times), an elephant, and a dachshund dog that wraps around the back of the onesie. The dog was more challenging when it came time to do the satin-stitch around the edge of the applique, but it worked out with minimal outbursts.

I also made her a diaper wipe case because I totally loved the one I made for Sawyer. It's a brilliant idea. I could throw mine into my bag and not need a separate diaper bag. And I usually just left it in the car. I would refill the diapers as needed (I usually had 2-3 diapers, depending on the size) and a soft-pack of wipes (which sometimes froze in the cold, poor little Sawyer bum). This is a gift that I make for all baby showers. And it's so darn simple. Since I'm not a fan of Velcro, I use a button-loop closure.

And everything together. I found a cute hedgehog baby blanket that I just loved. I don't think she registered for it, but I couldn't resist. I also gave her a little bow tie, which I buy in multiples. I find them often on clearance at the Children's Place Outlet for 49-99 cents each. I've been buying them for years, as you can see Mason is sporting one a few years ago. Sawyer still wears his almost every Sunday.

*Anthony was born a few days before Christmas. I'm late to posting ... again.


nikko said...

Cute stuff! I have a pile of thrift store onesies that I want to dress up for my little one. I'll have to remember the dachshund idea.

I have some of that IKEA hippo fabric (in red) and it's just sitting around because I haven't figured out what to do with it. Maybe a dipes and wipes case!

Karyn said...

Late post or not, that stuff is DARNED cute!

Katie said...

I loved all of it at the baby shower and it's just as adorable a few months later!!

Love, Katie

Marijke said...

Hi Lera, I have jsut stumbled onto your blog, and I just love all the projects you've been doing :)
I was curious though, whats a WIP?

Marijke said...

Hi Lera and thank you for the warm welcome :) WIP, I must remember that.... believe it or not, all my WIPs are finished as I spent about 10 days during my Christmas holidays finishing up everything just in time for the new year. I fund 3 (!) large bags of stuff that was only half finished... Thanx for this though, I feel it will be a word much used ;)

Diane said...

Super cute! Great gifts too. Registries be darned -- experienced moms always give the best baby gifts.

Um, I now have baby boy bow tie envy. I'm gonna keep my eyes peeled for a few. Is 10 weeks too little for bow ties??