Friday, February 26, 2010

Ruffle Cardigan Tee

Back in the summer I saw this brilliant idea that made me hysterically happy. Unfortunately, I had packed away all of my long-sleeved tees in the attic and there were none to find in stores in July. But I squirreled away the idea in my brain.

I found some long-sleeved tees at Target for $5-6, regular price in the late fall. Regular price. Not even on sale. So I snagged a few. One became the flower shirt and others were incorporated into my winter wardrobe for layering. I set aside some black ones to make the cardigan. I bought a size larger than my normal size so it wouldn't be too snug to wear a shirt under it comfortably.

And while I love her cardigan as is, I decided to spruce mine up with some ruffles (which go all around the collar as well). They are hard to see because of the color.

And a vintage button closure.

I made this back in December and wore it to my town council meeting and either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. One of those days. I can't remember which it was.

*Did you notice that I used both attic and squirrel in this post?? No squirrel incidents to report, but I may have turned a deaf ear to it. I don't want to hear any more noises than necessary while Joe is away.


FinnyKnits said...

As always - so cute and creative. I love it! That reminds me, I have another Tshirt makeover idea that I think you'll like. I'll have to get to work on it...

amy smart said...

This is so darling. You always motivate me to make something cute I could actually wear.

Glad you survived the four feet of snow. Except for the squirrels. You have your share of critter visits!

hooli said...

fantastic. love it. must do this. you made AC's tutorial worth doing. Ruffle and vintage button. Super cool.

nikki said...

So cute Lera!

LK said...

Great idea. I will definitely try it. Have you noticed all the t-shirts in the stores with ruffles and ribbons on them? J. Crew has many and they are SO over priced. I'll follow your cue and make them myself.