Thursday, February 25, 2010

We Have New Towels!

So we have new bath towels. This might not sound like such big news, but in our house it is. A few years ago Joe and I re-did our upstairs bathroom. There were still finishing touches that needed to be added. (And most still do ...) But the towels. Oh. The towels. We were still using the old towels. The ones we got either for our bridal shower or our wedding. Nearly 15 years ago. I know. It was bad.

The problem was that it was hard to find towels that I thought would look good in the bathroom. The paint color isn't really a common color and I was afraid of mismatching colors. And the cost of new towels stopped me dead in my tracks a few times. Really? That much for new towels?? And I need how many??

So it was the color and the cost of new towels that has prevented me for three years from buying new ones. But I did it. I bit the bullet and bought new towels last week. *

The color is actually "green moss" and not necessarily matching, but it's an improvement over the old towels. Anything is an improvement over the old towels. Any. thing.

So, to keep the boys' towels straight I appliqued their initial on the towel. It is handy for telling which towel belongs to whom and whose towel was left on the bathroom floor.

Yesterday afternoon I went upstairs to clean the bathroom and noticed this mess in the bathtub. I couldn't figure out what it was until I looked up ...

Freaking squirrels in the attic clawed through our ceiling! We put the drywall up over the original plaster/lath ceiling. They went through both layers.

I knew they were up there, but I felt sorry for them because of the four feet of snow we had. I can say that I feel sorry for them no more. Joe patched up the ceiling last night and we are in the process of eliminating the squirrels from the attic. I hope it goes quickly. Joe left this morning to go out of town and I can't fathom the idea of squirrels digging their way into our bathroom and bedrooms.

* The one good thing about getting four feet of snow in less than a week's time is that we went nowhere and spent no money. I had money leftover from our grocery and gas budget that I could afford new towels.


laeroport said...

damn squirrels! but nice towels. I especially like the fact that you can tell who left theirs on the bathroom floor. :)

nikko said...

I love the color!

Being hugely pregnant and then having a newborn has put a hamper on my spending, too. January's budget had lots of wiggle room. LOL.

Kris said...

See, I knew there had to be an upside to being snowed in and here it is..... towels!

Yuk! Creatures in the roof trying to break their way into your house. Very creepy!!!

christy said...

cute. i should do this.

Karyn said...

Very cute (and well-matched) towels. And ewww to the squirrelies in the basement!

Myrnie said...

Eww ewww....squirrels digging through is just too much! Hope they're gone soon!

Amy said...

We can hear squirrels (or maybe other rodents??) running around in our ceilings too. This just freaks me out!! Good luck exterminating them!!!
And the towels - what an awesome idea to applique their intials on them. You're right; towels are super expensive (the good ones)!

Diane said...

Crazy squirrels!

How delightful that more money from the budget appeared due to the weather!

Love the towels - they look great.

jessi said...

I love the monogramming - very cool! Those squirrels would freak me out too. Good luck getting them out of the house!