Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More Knitting

I always love to learn new things. I'm at the point in my life now that I desire to learn skills. (I sure wish I knew how to give a real haircut!) I love to make soap. I love to sew. I can crochet (I may not love it, but I like and I can do it). I can tend chickens (and I do love that). I've gotten a bee in my bonnet that I want to get bees. (Joe is having a heart attack now because I have not mentioned this to him. And the fact that he is allergic to bees ...) And Spenser wants rabbits, so that's a possibility. And, well, knitting was always one of those things I wanted to do.

Now, I've attempted to knit several times over the years and got bored. I think my first attempt was when Jackson was a newborn, nine years ago. And then I got busy with our house renovations, Joe's army promotion, a move to a new state, and more babies. I think my second attempt was after Sawyer was born. And I easily got bored. I guess the third time is a charm because I'm not just knitting swatches and practicing stitches. I'm making stuff. Stuff that can be worn.

But with knitting comes lots of different needle sizes. And, ugh, at almost $9 a pair, it was getting to be a little pricey for me. (Although I always have used my 40%-50% coupons for Michaels and Jo-Ann.) Each project has its own needle requirements and if you don't get the right gauge, then you need to switch to different needles. And, well, that's another 20-minute trip to town and more money.

Before I decided to delve into the world of DPNs (double-point needles), I decided to check eBay. I am so very happy that I did because I scored 15 pairs of bamboo DPNs for just over $1 a pair. Woot!

So, what was the first thing I made with these DPNs? Well, Toast, of course. These armwarmers were the perfect project to get me started working with DPNs. And there's no thumb hole to contend with.

Sorry for the dumb pose, but have you ever noticed that there are a lot of funky poses when people are showing off these sorts of accessories? Just for fun I had to do it, too.

And the obligatory I'm-looking-out-the-window-pining-for-a-warm-sunny-day-with-my-mug photograph.

And, by the way ... the mug is empty.


Anonymous said...

LOL, love your honesty about the poses and empty mug! I've tried knitting a couple times now and just can't get the hang of it. I can do it, but if I make a mistake I might as well frog the whole thing. Because I'll never figure out how to fix it! Kudos to you for learning a new skill! Love the arm warmers.


Karyn said...

OMG! You knit those completely behind my back. I had no idea! And they look super! (and no emergency international phone calls, I'm impressed)

Jessica said...

Great score on the needles! I need to check ebay. I haven't attempted DPN's yet. They intimidate me :)
This is also my umpteenth time attemtping knitting. I think now that the kids are older I have a little more patience with it and can focus at little better at it.
I love your poses! You are ready for publishing on ravelry! LOL

Madre Adoptiva said...

You go Lera!!! You are totally flying now! I love that you posed with an empty mug. LOL!

Katie Jean said...

man Lera! You're a speed demon!! Those look great!

A little bit of crazy.... said...

You do everything! I am amazed at your abilities everytime I read your blog.

I think that's the first time I've ever seen a pic of your husband on your blog????

heidi said...

yay! i need to pick up my needles again. i think my hands have forgotten how to work them by now!

FinnyKnits said...

Good call on the eBay needles! I always forget to look there. Kelli once got a box of zippers for, like $15!

Such a deal.

And your Toasts look great. I have to make some of these.

Diane said...

Too funny. It's hilarious that you admit the mug is empty. Your commentary is the icing on the cake for these photos.

I hadn't realized that I needed arm warmers until now. And I can't knit. Thanks a lot ;)

Kris said...

Oh no! You just shattered my illusion! That mug looked so toasty warm.

ArtBeatPhotography said...

I bought the SAME needles from eBay. You have been much MUCH more productive with yours. I keep starting a project, fiddlin' about with it and getting bored or making errors, then setting it down. D'oh. I don't do the same thing with crochet...I need to get with the program with knitting! :) Great job on the arm/hand warmers/fingerless gloves dealios. LOVE em!