Friday, February 19, 2010

Valentines - Parts 5 & 6

We had a lot of time together last week with the snow. They had off the entire week (plus this past Monday for Presidents Day and Tuesday "just because") and they've gone in two hours late all three days this week.

I kept my mind, though. It got most hairy this past Tuesday (their last full day at home) and Wednesday morning before school. Thank goodness I didn't have PMS or you would have seen Lera clawing her way through four feet of snow for peace of mind and a sanity check.

One of the last crafts we did last week was to make valentines chocolates. In our basement I had a bunch of chocolate molds from my wedding. (Almost 15 years ago!) And because "love is always in season," I never got rid of them. I knew exactly where they were and the kids had plenty to choose from.

There were many different hearts, cupids, and little boys and girls holding hearts (we didn't use the bride and groom or the wedding bells).

I had bought a package of white melting chocolate that already had sprinkles in them. The kids really liked that. I had a bag of pink melting chocolate in my cabinet, so I added nonpareils as needed. Each child got to pick his/her own mold to use and which chocolate and we made each tray individually. One tray per kid.

And then I decided we should decorate a bit. I found these fun, vintage valentines at the Swap Shop a few months ago. They will eventually go in Spenser's room.

I sprayed the frames white the day before the big snows. I used pink and white scrapbook paper for the background and found some heart-shaped doilies for a finishing touch.

The valentines themselves make me smile. These are the kind we used to give when I was a kid.

And garland made from red, paper doilies (half-price a few days before Valentines) strung on white satin ribbon.

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Brenda said...

You really have some nice Valentine celebrations. Great Mom.