Better Than White Chocolate Chips

The younger children had a half-day of school today. I was trying to think of something to do to make it special. (Since Taylor and Carter had a full day.) I thought some one-on-one time with my girl would be just what we needed.

I had been eyeing a cookie recipe for some time. And, oooh, I could almost taste those white chocolate chips melting in my mouth.

As I pulled the ingredients out of the cupboard, a look of dismay appeared on Spenser's face and she adamantly stated that she hates white chocolate.

What?!? But I could almost taste those cookies.

At first, I am ashamed to say, I bargained with her. I tried to convince her that she really would like them, if she just tried them. And, it didn't work. I begged her. And, just as soon as she gave in, it hit me like a bullet.

It wasn't about the white chocolate chips. It was about spending time together. It was our special time together. And Spenser is better than white chocolate chips.

And then my attitude changed gears. We added milk chocolate chips instead.

One day I hope she realizes my love for her. It may not be until she has children of her own. And she may, or may not, remember that she is always better than white chocolate chips.

Happy Mother's Day to all!


Lisa P said…
Awwww..... you have a sweet girl. And she has a good mama.
PS I've missed your blogs.....
Marty said…
I've missed you too! What a great mom!
nikko said…
Happy Mother's Day!!!
Janine said…
so nice to hear from you - missed you
Diane said…
Well said, Mama! Oh, if we could only bottle these precious times. Great to hear from you again. You've been missed!
Emily said…
Glad you are back, been missing you!

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