Teachers' Gifts 2012

This year's edition of Teachers Gifts are adorable nest necklaces.  I made one for myself a few months ago. (I was procrastinating cleaning the house and decided, instead, to sit on my kitchen floor and make a necklace.)

In the past few months, I have gotten a lot of compliments on my necklace, so I decided to make them in bulk. A friend's birthday, Mother's Day, and birthday gifts for my three sisters. So far they are a huge hit. (I personalized theirs using pink and blue pearls reflecting their children and families.)

So it was no surprise when I decided to make them for the teachers this year. I saved up all my 40% Michaels coupons (and made Joe load the Michaels app onto his phone for more savings -- he must really love me).
I made twelve necklaces in all.  I was able to make four necklaces from each pack of wire and each pack of chain.


To package them, I put them in small, fushcia organza bags (from Michaels) and placed them in zebra-striped bags (from the gift bag section at Michaels) with some paper shred (from the dollar store) and a few Hershey's Kisses.

Can I tell you that I received the loveliest of thank you notes from the teachers? And, better yet, the teachers wore them to school and to Jackson's 5th grade promotion on Thursday night.

(In July we will be teaching a class at church for these necklaces. I think I've finally mastered them!)


lisa said…
Great idea!
nikko said…
Those are so cute! I love them!
Brenda said…
These are really cute. I've made a few myself. I'm sure the teachers were so pleased.
Lisa P said…
I love mine! It's also sentimental since I have one of the rare, personalized editions. :)
Oooh would you also do a blog tutorial (or point me in the direction of where you found one)? These are so cute! I love to make something for my girl cousins at Christmas.

Emily said…
You did good and they are indeed SpeCiaL!

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