Monday, November 26, 2007


This past holiday week went by quickly. The boys had off of school all week and Joe had been home from work since Tuesday. Joe didn't take off for pleasure. He just finished taking a class and had a ton of assignments due by Saturday. I don't think I ever told you, but Joe is a PhD candidate. He was working towards getting his second Masters degree, but decided to look into the PhD program. He applied and was accepted before he even told me about it.

Joe had seven writing assignments and a final exam to finish this week. His final grade in the class? 97%. Wow! On some of his writing assignments he earned 100%. [I think those were the ones I edited and proofed. :-)] I'm so proud of him.

And remember how I was worried about flashing people in my Thanksgiving skirt? Well, I'm happy to report that I did not flash anyone due to running out of fabric. However, I have to sadly report that I think I flashed some people about three times when I was getting in and out of my car and I was sucked into a wind vortex and my skirt flew up to my face. I'm not sure if anyone was looking out the window, so I don't know if my flashing was noticed.

And this. It almost makes me laugh. Look how guilty she looks. Not to mention she is holding the incriminating evidence in her hand.And the pattern in his hair confirms that he was only an innocent bystander. Poor guy. He smelled great, though.

* * * * * * *

I feel like Night of the Living Dead. Sawyer was awake quite a bit last night with a congested nose and moaning. I brought him into bed with us and he laid across my chest and slept peacefully. Until my back started to hurt and I had to get off my back. Then I laid him between us. Then he tossed and turned and thrashed until I finally but him back in his bed.

Poor Joe has to travel today and has a long car trip to make. I feel terrible for him.


nikki said...

Great job, Joe!

Mirre said...

Oh boy... I bet those two had fun :))

Karyn said...

Congratulations to Joe! I'm sure that the 100% was a result of your fine editing and proofing skills!

And....holy crap those pictures of Spenser and Sawyer are a HOOT! I laughed out loud when I saw them!

*I* think it's funny, but *I* didn't have to clean up the mess.

Sarah and Jack said...

Oh man, the zombie mother of sick children scene really bites. Hope Sawyer is on the mend soon.

Lora said...

LMAO Oh the powder!! How friggin' funny!
GO JOE!! 97 is totally awesome.
Sorry one of your little ones is feeling woozy. Must have been the night for it. Nathan tossed and turned in our bed too, we finally took him back to his bed and he ended up sleeping IN this morning! WOO WOO!

amandajean said...

oh. my. goodness.

how do you go about cleaning up a mess like that???

good for Joe!!! (about the tests and the 97%, not the long trip while being sleep deprived.)

beki said...

Hee hee, that makes me laugh! What is it with kids and powder? We've had our fair share of powder experiences.

Anonymous said...

too funny with the powder. and i just love the "guilty" look. ha!

nikko said...

Yay for Joe and his PhD program. That is awesome.

My mom has a similar picture of me and my little sister -- only it involved vaseline AND powder. I can't imagine how she ended up cleaning us up.

capello said...

dude. you should tell those kids you're now ALLERGIC to baby powder.

Little Munchkins said...

Was it hard to clean up the mess? The poor innocent bystander must have had some fun too. Your kids are so cute!

kat said...

LOL I love your kids!

TinkerBlue said...

Way to go Joe. So when he finishes his PHD will he be Dr. Joe?

Oh all that powder. Sawyer looks happy, Spenser guilty, they both look adorable.