Monday, September 22, 2008


Our Saturday was action packed with three soccer games. All four of the oldest boys play. On three separate teams. Luckily the games are spaced enough that they don't overlap. It just makes for a busy, busy day.

Here Jackson is defending the goal for the third quarter. His team lost. But they played a good game. At one point Mason kept trying to take the ball from Jackson, his teammate. I stood up and yelled, "Don't take the ball from your brother!" And all the parents broke out in laughter. I guess those two are a little competitive with each other, even when they should be playing together.

Jackson had several attempted goals. He's a pretty good little player.

During Jackson and Mason's soccer game, Taylor went on an archaeological dig, at a local spring house, with his Social Studies teacher. He can participate most Saturday mornings throughout the school year. I think it's a great opportunity for him to learn and experience new things. And he earns service hours.

And Saturdays are always good for dogpiles. I don't think poor Sawyer is enjoying it though.

And here's Taylor (his team is called The Leprechauns) shooting at the goal. He missed, but his team tied.

And Carter's game went well. They lost, but he scored his team's only goal! Wahoo, Carter!

I even took a small opportunity and sewed on Sunday afternoon. I don't normally sew on Sundays, but I was trying to force myself to stay awake. One of our smoke detectors went off 4:18 a.m. Sunday morning. It scared us. I wasn't sure if it was a smoke detector or our carbon monoxide detector. (We have about four smoke detectors upstairs and a couple downstairs and they are all inter-connected. Thankfully it didn't go off long enough to set all the detectors off at once. For the most part, the kids slept through it. Some said they heard it.) So Joe and I went and checked all around the house. We had quite an adrenalin rush. We did not find anything but we were wide awake. It was so hard to wake up for church in the morning. I knew if I tried to read on Sunday afternoon or sit idly, I'd fall asleep and totally mess up my sleep schedule, so I sewed.

I am about 3/4 finished the dress. I'm working on all of the bindings and such now. It might be slow moving from here on out. Hopefully I'll have something to show this week.

* Oh, and Joe came home Friday night and left again this morning for the week. Despite having not one, not two, but three mousetraps in my kitchen, no critter has been caught. I'm hoping he moved on. To another house. Maybe one with cats. *


Karyn said...

Great photos! What a busy weekend!

Cats??? Do you want cats?? I have two and I'll even deliver them!

amandajean said...

what dress are you working on? I'm intrigued...I tried double clicking on the photo, but it wouldn't enlarge. is it a vintage pattern?

I'm laughing about the "don't take the ball from your brother" too. :)

Little Munchkins said...

Oooh I see you are working on the dress pattern from SCJ. Let me know how you find it, I was thinking of getting it but with postage it worked out quite expensive.

Anonymous said...

To deter the thing from your food you can use peppermint essence- mice hate peppermint.

Wow I think you must have been Nato trained at peace keeping. :-) Trying to stop brothers from competing with one another- that is an awesome task! I have it with a brother and sister. Their current thing before his knee was to break their necks with how many summersalts each could land without missing one. Ah me! I blame their great grandfather who was an acrobat.

Now your dress looks very interesting- what is the fabric?

miss chris said...

we have chosen the same fabric for that little dress, I think. A natural linen? Don't know about yours, but mine is a little bunchy at the top. Curious to see how it plays out. All I need are buttons now... pretty easy pattern to follow though, don't you think??

And an archaelogical dig???!! I'm so jealous.

Stacey said...

That fabric on the dress looks really pretty and comfy. Can't wait to see it! Good luck w/ your mouse...

Diane said...

I really can't take my eyes off of that little dress pattern. I'm looking forward to hearing more about it. Also, I don't envy the inner tension caused by a shifty rodent who avoids traps when husbands are out of town. Hope you get 'im!

utmommy said...

Sounds like a fun and busy weekend!

Kris said...

I hope the critter went somewhere else! Can't stand it when we have extras at our house. I loudly suggest that the woman nextdoor is a much better cook than me. Don't think it works, but it makes me feel better!