Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Around the House

On Saturday we finally planted our garden. Joe had to till the ground a few times, since we didn't use that spot in a couple of years. So the tilling was spread out over a couple of Saturdays.

He showed the boys how to plant.

Everyone got their own plants and got to work.

Even the littlest helpers joined in.

And then they dug for worms. The best part.

And here is Spenser. I call her Chicken Girl. She does love her chickens. She is fearless.


Anonymous said...

ok now i know i do not want chickens. look how big they are getting.....they aren't cute anymore!

Brenda said...

Spenser reminds me so much of Layla. At their other grandparents she has 2 baby Road Island Reds.

nikko said...

Our garden is going well -- except the rabbits keep eating the corn. Drat! Glad to see you got yours in.

When did Spenser get a hair cut? I must have missed that post. It looks so cute!

Karyn said...

Are those the same chicks????? They are huge!!!

Look at Spenser being all cute and adorable with the chicks!

Amy said...

It must be a girl thing, with the chickens...our twin girls (age 6) are not afraid to pick up our hens, either! Spenser's hair is adorable.

amandajean said...

your chicken girl is adorable! i love her haircut. how is your garden doing?