Thursday, May 28, 2009

Busy Week

On Tuesday night, I swore in as Councilwoman. I was completely nervous.

And immediately following, I attended my first town council meeting. (I was completely lost. Do I look it?)

This week is the local fireman's carnival. And last night was the parade. I rode in the back of the truck and threw candy. This is the corner where my family was sitting. They got extra candy. (My parents, sister and her children, brother and his family, and a good friend and her family were there with Joe and the kids.)

We laughed a lot as we rode around.

To my surprise, there were lots of town members who gave me the "thumbs up" sign when we drove by. One man (whom I don't know), called me by name and gave me thumbs up. It was pretty cool. The town is very supportive and it makes me love it even more than I already do.

And what's the parade without the Ghostbusters ambulance thing that cracks us up every time we see it??

Or the Dixie band and all those crazy, moving stuffed animals on top?


nikki said...

Yay! You're official now! The first time we've missed that parade in a long time! I wouldn't have gotten to talk to you anyway.

nikko said...

You rock! I love that picture of you tossing the candy and your hair is blowing in your face. So fun!

misschris said...

Lera, you just make me smile.

You are such a wonderful mom and role model for your kids. Imagine, with all you already do, taking on councilwoman and showing them how to Walk the Walk. Kudos to you. Congrats again. :)

Melissa said...

we have a ghostbuster hearse that comes to our local firemans parade. Do they play the ghosterbuster theme from speakers?

Stacey said...

so cool...good luck on your new venture in city will be interesting to say the least!

amandajean said...

i'm so proud of you!!! that's very exciting. i saw a ghostbuster car one day and i didn't have my camera ready. my boys LOVED it. (even though the movie creeps them out.)