Friday, May 15, 2009

Vintage Dress I

On Tuesday morning Sawyer and I went thrifting for a little bit while Spenser was in preschool. I went in looking for Pyrex (did not find anything I couldn't live without) and vintage sheets (nothing at all) and spied a very cool vintage, polyester dress. It had a very cool pattern all over it. I was drawn to it and kept coming back to look at it. However, it was several sizes too large.

I started looking around and found several more, but they were all too big, too. Disappointed (and still completely drawn to that first dress), I decided I would buy it anyway and another one. I figured I would try to alter the one I didn't like as much (the half-price vintage Alan Green pink dress above) before I attempted the other one.

Yesterday, as I was without internet all day, I decided to alter the pink dress. I think I tried this dress on a few dozen times before I finally sewed my first stitch. Which resulted in removal of said stitches. And a few more try-ons and a few more pinnings and a few more stitches and a few more stitch removals, etc. It was a long process. Finally, after a final basting and fitting, I serged it.

The darts in the chest are kind of at a funky location now, but I don't think it's completely terrible. After it was completely sewn, I added a fisheye dart on each side of the back zipper to make it a little more fitted in the waist.

I like this dress. Even if I look completely flat-chested in it. It's not too far from the truth.

I'm hoping to work on dress #2 this weekend.

* * *

I want to thank you for your sweet, supportive, and encouraging comments about the election. I am terribly excited to start working for town council. Unfortunately I don't get to swear in until our first meeting, Tuesday, May 26th, so I have to wait.


LK said...

Congratulations on the election to the board! Good job on the dress, too. As for "flat-chested" I think that this style is always like that. I always look for a scoop neck or v-neck to add a little interest or my dresses will have far to much flat expanse! Yours does look good though.

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Oooh- I love it! If this is the dress you like least, I can't wait to see the other one. It's so timeless!

Philigry said...

beautiful dress! waht a find.
We got 15 chickens, hopefully all hens...

amandajean said...

oh my goodness! the dress is just perfect! you did a great job altering it to fit you. amazing!

Marty said...

Back in the day, I made myself a few of those dresses. Loved them! They wore like iron.

tracy said...

Great looking dress!! so cool

txmommy said...

cute dress!

and congratulations on the election! that is awesome!!

Karyn said...

I read this and I could have swore I commented already!! (you probably deleted it) :)

I really like this dress. I can't wait to see the others!