Friday, August 28, 2009

More Random Tidbits

Yesterday we got our first green egg! It was a pleasant little surprise (and little egg, too!). I had a feeling it was an "araucana day" yesterday and when I only found three eggs in the nesting box, I thought my feeling was wrong. And then I peeked into the chicken run to change out the water and there it was. Sitting in the dirt. A mini green egg.

After a little research recently, I was worried that my five araucanas were under stress from the other hens. I think they are the lowest in pecking order. They are picked on mercilessly by the other girls. I had read that soft eggs could be from stressed araucanas and I didn't know how we'd remedy that with only one coop and one chicken run. I guess the soft eggs were just some early eggs. We'll see.

The kids are so excited about the green egg.

The brown egg to the bottom right of the green egg is the size of an extra-large store-bought egg.

Yesterday I was without internet for most of the day. Which was really fine with me. I had tomatoes to can, given to my for free from my uncle's garden. I canned twelve quarts and one pint. I might go back next week for more.

Today (at the bus stop) a bird pooped on my head and back. Nice. Unfortunately I had to take Mason for his pre-op appointment, so I had to run back in the house, re-wash my hair and change my shirt. I have to admit that I laughed about it. It's just my luck. If it weren't for bad luck, I wouldn't have any luck at all.

The other day Sawyer found a pair of tighty-whities in his underwear drawer. I suppose he was not happy to see them. I was standing at the kitchen sink and he came in babbling about something. As I turned around, he had one hand on his hip, the other hand holding the underwear. Then he very clearly stated, "I. don't. like. them." He proceeded to drop them on the floor and walk out. I lost it. Completely and utterly lost it.

Mason used up his $5 Amazon MP3 credit. The songs? ha ha ha I Love Rock 'n' Roll by Joan Jett, Hotel California by the Eagles, Eye of the Tiger by Survivor, Black Horse and the Cherry Tree by KT Tunstall, and YMCA by no one else but the Village People. What a mix! (Some of the songs he's heard on Guitar Hero. I do not, I repeat I. do. not. listen to Survivor.)


Aunt LoLo said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHA. I love the tighty whitey comment. Hilarious!

Marty said...

Okay, I'll be the first to say it, "You have the green egg, where's the ham?"

laerport said...

I think I did drill team routines to most of his playlist.
Love the green egg, and the tighty whitey comment has me in stitches. :)

nikko said...

Oh, how I love random posts! Mason's song picks are great, too. What a fun playlist. :o)

Jen said...

Yeah...right Lera...I saw it on your I Pod!

Nancy said...

I like to think that anytime you either step in poop or have it dropped on your head, shoulders, etc., it's good luck! Depending on what you're doing immediately following the poop experience, to say it's bad luck can ruin your task. Good luck can help you with confidence. Yes, this is the voice of experience.

Diane said...

Your boys are sooo funny! Great playlist too - flashbacks abound!

amandajean said...

gotta love guitar hero, eh?

and the tighty whitey thing is just too hilarious. i would have lost it, too.