Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Big Slide

Yesterday I took the children to The Big Slide. It is a giant wooden slide not too far from our house. I never remember about this slide, except we passed it last week on our way home from a day trip to the lake.

It is owned by a church and it is free. And fast. It must have been fun because, as you can see, even Taylor is smiling coming down the slide!

Mason did some fancy monkey work on the monkey bars. (I have never been able to do those things.) He was spinning around between every rung. I was very impressed by this almost-seven-year-old.

And we can't forget this crazy merry-go-round. My kids love that thing. I could actually sit on the rocks and watch them yesterday. Usually after a minute or so I am too dizzy from watching them that I have to walk away.

But yesterday was just the perfect day for hanging out.

We had also planned to visit the covered bridge park and creek yesterday, but the road was closed due to flooding. (It hadn't even rained to my knowledge prior to that.)

And other great news. Remember mean, old, grumpy geezer (a.k.a. most-annoying neighbor)? Well, yesterday his car was ticketed for being parked in front of my house (without my permission) for more than the town ordinance allows. It was considered a "junk vehicle." This morning we awoke to all four of his cars parked elsewhere. I can now, once again, park in front of my house!

And as I turned around, I noticed a shiny penny on my sidewalk.

Heads up.


nikko said...

Heads up is right!

What a fun slide! And free... even better. :o)

jessi said...

Looks like fun!! And congrats on your victory with the neighbor!

Cindy Is Crafty said...

Man, you are certainly living right. Bet Mr. Nasty is saying not so nice stuff about his new town council person!

The kiddies look like they are having a blast!

amandajean said...

that slide looks like FUN!!!