Thursday, August 13, 2009

Around the Yard and In the Garden

I know. I know. We had pumpkins in July. They were volunteers from our Christmas card photo props (that we actually didn't use) but they rotted and seeded themselves right there in our herb garden next to our barn.

Why is it that we can only grow pumpkins accidentally?

This year in our herb garden I planted four heirloom tomato plants: Giant Oxheart, Mr. Stripey, Aunt Ruby's Green, and Brandywine Black.

I thought I'd be smart and plant a jalapeno plant right there, too, so I could have salsa makings at my fingertips. But some little critter chomped it to the ground. And same with my basil (except I just noticed that it grew back and is hiding under the pumpkin plant, which was pruned for the photo). There is also a volunteer cherry tomato plant creeping up the side of the barn.

These, I believe, are the Giant Oxheart. I just picked a bunch. I couldn't tell if they were ripe because they never turned red, like normal tomatoes. As I was weeding, one fell off the vine and it was soft to the touch. Then I noticed a bunch more that were soft, so off they came, too. (Oh, the chickens seem to like them. I tossed two over for them that had a few fresh holes in them, either from a critter or the rose bush. Since I couldn't be sure, I didn't want to eat them.)

These are Brandywine Black tomatoes. They are pretty. Again, I had to squeeze them to see if they were ripe.

I'm guessing that these are the Aunt Ruby's Green tomatoes. Although they are turning yellow. They were not soft yet, so I left them alone.

And because we are rednecks, we have pumpkins growing in our front yard. Again. (Well, this might be the "again-again-again." I think this is year #3 or 4 for that.)

And these are the ones that I either picked or ones that fell from the vine as I was weeding. Too bad it happened in between lunch and dinner. I had to wait. (Actually, I'm still waiting. Tomatoes didn't go with my dinner last night. Maybe lunch? Or breakfast??)

We have a "real" garden in our backyard, too. This is just my "private" garden.


Brenda said...

I know what you mean about the pumpkins. When our kids were small we always carved the pumpkins at the front porch. I usually pulled them up, but one year my husband wanted to leave it and it grew to be the most beautiful pumpkin.

FinnyKnits said...

My word. If that is what's just coming from your "private" garden, what's in your "real" garden?

I've always wanted to try those black tomatoes. Maybe next year.


Hel said...

I thought it was october for a split second!

It's really sad but growing pumpkins reminds me of farmville on facebook! Lol!

x hel x

Stacey said...

I love the Fall! Your new picture is adorable too.

Mountain Sketch said...

I love when plants just show up. We have a squash plant in our flower bed, and its trumpet shaped flowers add such an angle to the whole thing. By the way pumpkins in the front yard are fabulous!

Mandy said...

This pictures show how close we are to autumn now! The picture of pumpkins excite me because I can't wait to carve some this fall! :-)

amandajean said...

hurray for fresh produce! i love this time of year for that very reason. so much easier to eat healthy this time of year.

Pamela said...

I am so jealous of your delicious garden. Yummy Yummy!!