Thursday, August 06, 2009

T-Shirt + Tulle Skirt

We were packing up Taylor for a week of vacation and a consecutive week of summer camp (where he and Carter are currently) and ran across an old T-shirt that Taylor no longer wanted and the boys said they wouldn't wear (Taylor's friends had signed the back of his shirt on play day). Joe was about to ditch the shirt when I told him I could reuse it.

If I cut right below the large red dot, it might be long enough to make a skirt for Spenser. And it was already conveniently hemmed.

Then I remembered Miss Chris's tulle skirt and knew the time had come for Spenser to get hers.

It goes perfectly with her $3.50 ruffly Garanimals shirt from Wal-Mart (which was bought the same day as the other white tee and the day of the splashing).

And her reaction?

Well, she loves it.

Just as I knew she would.

(She wants me to make a matching one for myself. Hmmm ... an almost-forty-year-old woman wearing a tulle skirt? It just might work.)


laeroport said...

and I agree! You need one! I think it would be the perfect thing to wear to a town council meeting. :)

Sarah C said...

i tried making the tulle skirt and im not sure on my result. what color fabric did you use for the skirt?

yours looks so cute!

Cindy Is Crafty said...

That is one happy little lady! :O) Cute skirt!

Diane said...

So sweet! I really enjoyed her happiness photo. Making girly stuff is so much fun.

Annie said...

Spenser would make a perfect catalog model, love those various poses!

: )

Gail :) said...

Thank you so much for sharing! What a simple yet great idea! I LOVE that you used an old T as the under skirt! Brilliant.

Brenda said...

Layla loves that skirt and wants me to make one. It's so cute on Spencer.


Mandy said...

She looks totally ecstatic to have that skirt.

Just makes me remember being a kid and the clothing that I absolutely loved then, and now I look back and think to myself, "Wow..." Of course, it's a very fond wow... ;-)

Home Sweet Hideaway said...

Cute skirt! The purple one below as well. And I love that you recycled your son's shirt!

Chara Michele said...

So cute! :)

amandajean said...

oh, lera, she's adorable!!! i love the whole outfit.