Tuesday, August 04, 2009

School Stuff

I seriously cannot believe it's August and the kids will be back to school by the end of the month. Where did this summer go?

Anyway, I had to run into town yesterday to buy the basics (milk, bread, etc.) since our return from vacation. I stopped in the kids' section at Wal-Mart to buy the kids new socks and underwear for school (and spent over $70 in just that stuff alone!). I noticed a plain white tee for Spenser. I've been trying to find a plain white tee for ages. And nothing was plain. Or it wasn't the right style. For $4, it's perfect.

I embellished it with three rows of purple ruffles. As soon as I finished, I realized she might not have anything to wear with this new shirt.

So I whipped up a skirt, too. The skirt itself is made from some old Amy Butler fabric I bought ages ago and was too afraid to cut. The ruffled hem is just some purple polka dot fabric (leftover from our Easter outfits a year ago).

I'm saving it for Spenser for pre-school. She's excited about her new outfit. And, apparently, so is Sawyer. When I held it up to check the hem, he jumped up and down, while clapping his hands, and squealed in a girly, high-pitched voice, "Is it for me??"

Something tells me he needs to hang out with his older brothers a little more.

(And thanks for all your votes on yesterday's post. It seems that photo #3, the one from the falls, is the winner. As soon as I stop being dumb, which may be awhile, I will change the banner. It seems that it's been so long since I've changed it, I've forgotten how to do it. And how I "remember" is not correct.)


Kris said...

So cute! No wonder Sawyer wants it!

Sarah said...

Well, I use old school blogger, but this is how I change my header:

upload new photo to something like photobucket
go into my blog template and find the piece of code that is my photo (It looks like http:// something)
Copy URL from photobucket
Paste into the now empty spot in my blog template
Click preview
Click save changes

HOWEVER (and this could be a big however) I have to resize all my photos before uploading them to photobucket.

Brenda said...

I love it. Sawyer has good taste.

Annie said...

What a sweet outfit,got a good laugh out of what Sawyer said!

: )

Gail :) said...

What a sweet little outfit! My son seems to love everything girly I make too :) I guess they just love their big sisters!

FinnyKnits said...

HA! Too funny :) At least he's supportive?

amandajean said...

oh, girl, you make me laugh. i can just imagine sawyer...so funny. so so funny.