More Fun

Fake surfing.
Memorial Day parade watching.
Bubble popping.
A few stolen minutes of embroidering (in my new Memorial Day skirt) while little ones swam, popped bubbles, got out of the pool, fake surfed, got in the pool, played with wooden kitchen foods, got out of the pool, played dress up, got in the pool, rode the mini four wheeler, got out of the pool, jumped on the trampoline, got in the pool, etc.
And last night: waiting in line for the first carnival ride of the season.

Winning fish. The fish who will hopefully eat the mosquitoes in our rain barrel. (Mason ran into the house this morning screaming the fish are dead. I will have to run down back and check them.)

Joe sneaking back for carnival food after the kids are in bed. Look at that Old Bay on the fries. Yum!

Did I mention the carnival is a block away from our house? It's closer than our post office. In fact, we can see the top of the ferris wheel from Spenser's bedroom window through the treetops. I love my town.

I actually got on a ride last night. It was supposed to be a "kiddie" ride. I still think I'm dizzy. It was a ride that you controlled your spinning by turning the wheel. The boys went a little crazy.

I used to love rides. Before I got old. Before I endured many months of morning sickness. In fact, I calculated how many months of morning sickness I've had.

6 kids x 5 months (minimum) of morning sickness
= 30 months of morning sickness
or 2 1/2 years

I have no desire to re-create the feeling of morning sickness by getting on a ride. I think I'll stay with both feet on the ground from now on.


Karyn said…
Boy that looks like fun! I love all your pictures, especially the one of Sawyer and the bubbles. Too cute.
Looks like everyone had a fun day. It's great to have those. Those fries look yummy.
Katie Jean said…
oh man those fries look good. John puts Old Bay on everything, even mac and cheese! It must be fun to have a carnival right down the street!
Anonymous said…
LOV-ing the summer buzz cuts!
Anonymous said…
Hope those fish were okay...
Anonymous said…
In and out of the pool season is such fun, eh? And how lucky to sneak back to the carnival for food after the kids are in bed! I love your town too!
Amanda Jean said…
laughing at your math calculations! you are funny.

I can relate to the not wanting to re-create the morning sickness feeling. ick.
Sarah and Jack said…
On a somewhat serious note about the pregnancy puking, how on earth do you find the courage, desire (whatever you want to call it) to get pregnant again? Perhaps this sounds like a wierd (silly) question, but I threw up the entire time I was pregnant with Jack. It never stopped. (I puked and coughed so much I broke a rib!)

I swear, I want another baby, but I just don't seem to have the guts to do it again. Aye.
beki said…
Last month at our church fair I rode that spinning ride with Lily and Alex, and boy, I almost couldn't walk when I got off that thing. Crazy!
laura capello said…
ah, what a weekend.

and ::whine:: i want fries.
Anonymous said…
The older I get, the less spinning I can take. I remember spinning and spinning and never getting sick. I really think there's an age component. I can't believe they let you on a kiddie ride! :o)
Heidijayhawk said…
awesome picks! looks like you guys had a great time. i wanna carnival a block from my house! how norman rockwell is THAT!
Me and Him said…
Love the photo of Sawyer and the bubbles.

2 1/2 years of morning sickness, yeach!
Anonymous said…
When you add up the time of pregnancy and morning sickness, it's just not right! My mom had 8 kids, she spent way too many years pregnant. But I'm glad she did since I'm #8!
kimberly said…
I use the very same cinnamon altoids tin for a pin box!
and I don't even like cinnamon altoids.

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