Thrifting and Lamenting

Last week I had the chance to run into the thrift store. Sans kids. I know. Very rare. I decided to hit the housewares department before the sheet department, which is different from my normal routine.

I immediately noticed this vintage Pyrex casserole dish. There is some confusion as to the name of this pattern, but it has green square flowers.

I also found this milk glass vase. I like the pattern that runs down the sides.

When I saw this set of milk glass lamps, I knew they would look cute in my bedroom. I need to come up with an idea for shades? Any suggestions? I was thinking pompom fringe, but other than that, I'm stuck.

When I went to check out at the register, I got some of the worst possible news. They are no longer carrying sheets. I know. I'm having a really difficult time with this. They had the largest, loveliest vintage sheet collection I've ever seen in one place and they salvaged it all. All the bedspreads, blankets, tablecloths, sheets, towels, aprons (!). All gone. Forever.

I was so devastated, I immediately placed an emergency S.O.S. call to Karyn. And then I had to break the news to Joe. After I told him, he said, "I thought you were going to tell me something bad." Uh. Hello???? Do you live with me? You should know this is bad!! Anyway, it's so bad that Joe pointed out to me on Wednesday night that I have been talking about it everyday for a week. I have told just about everyone I know. So, now I never ever want to cut up a vintage sheet again.


Karyn said…
Oh my. I am laughing and please do not think that I don't understand the seriousness of the situation, because I completely "get it"!!!!!!!

Perhaps I'm going to have to start sending you expensive VV sheets.

Cool Pyrex. :)
Brenda said…
The thrift stores here in Franklin, TN think a real bargain for a thrift sheet is $3.99. I've seen the beautiful ones you have and they were cheaper. None are as beautiful as yours. I did make a dress from one that looks like a "70's" design. If I can wear it I will model very soon.
I bet you'll find another source. One thing I know about thrifting, there will always be more stuff to find out there!
Jessica said…
So sorry to hear about the sheet shortage, I'd be devestated too! I have the best luck finding mine at yard sales around here.

For the lamps, I like the fringe idea, but what about 30's yo yo's?
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
i have lamps like those!! except the sphere shape is more egg shaped on mine. i found some plain white shade at lowes and hot glued mini white pom-pom fringe on the bottom rim of the shade and also along the top of the shade. it turned out really cute. i also got kits to rewire them at lowes because the cords we're terrible.
Anonymous said…
i stay off line for a few days and look what happens! glad your surgery went well, happy anniversary, and my condolences on the passing of a such great thrifting opportunities.
Sarah and Jack said…
Why did they do that? Did you ask? Complain?

You know I can still hook you up. We have no fewer than a million thrifts here, and I pass up sheets every week.
beki said…
*sigh*, I send my condolences.
Anonymous said…
oh dear, you used to find some lovely sheets too -- i've never yet found any sheets in my local thrift/charity shops. Did I tell you that i live in a town in the uk where pyrex used to be made , if i did sorry?
lisa x
jenny said…
I'm not sure where in Maryland you are, but the salvation army in Winchester, Va has a pretty good selecton of vintage sheets. I ALWAYS find something there!!
Jo-Anne said…
Oh NO! What ever will you do about your sheets??? I hope you will find another thrift store soon....all those vintage sheets have to go somewhere!
Love the lamps!! I am fond of pom pom fringe...I think they will be perfect for your bedroom. :)
hooli said…
I had a garage sale today and thought of you.
I have faith in you. I am sure you will find some other way around this :)

I have seen this tutorial on how to cover your own lampshade. It looked quite nice.
Here's some pics of finished ones. I just realised that it won't be suitable for what you have but maybe it will give you some ideas for next time.
Tori Leslie said…
Oh for a thrift store! I'm having problems not being jealous.

Oh well you did get some good deals, very nice.
Amanda Jean said…
such sad sad news.
I feel your pain. I find it hard to find nice sheets over here (in Australia) because the sun is so harsh they all seems to be pretty faded by the time they get passed on. You may have to organise some swaps or something.
Anonymous said…
Ouch Lera that is bad! I'm a merry charity shop enthusiast (hoarder) too. Perhaps you could ask the manager for their entire stock unless they have already dumped it? Just a thought.

Love your bargains. I'd put rick rack at the top of the shades, pom poms at the bottom and try to get curved shades in the same white as the glass. You know try to echo the shape.
Heidijayhawk said…
you have to be kidding! noooooo! hope you find a new stash. and that pyrex? so jealous.
Tonya said…
I mourn the sheets with you! I never find good thrifted sheets, and I enjoyed living vicariously through you and Beki!

Did they say why?
jessica said…
AAACCK - I would go nuts! Why? Why? Why? I use sheets for all of the linings in my bas - I love them! Now you are making me want to go out thrifting tomorrow and pick up every vintage sheet I can find!
misschris said…
Oh. That will not do. You must, MUST find another source nearby.

But those lamps? Cute. Remind me of one I have, actually, but mine has the milk glass globe at the top. Maybe a dotted-swiss covered shade with grosgrain trim? Looks like a fun project.

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