More Than Applesauce

On Tuesday I bought a bushel of apples. (1/2 bushel of Staymans on the left, 1/2 bushel of Macintosh with a mix of others on the right.)

And on Wednesday morning we made applesauce. My friend, Kim, brought over her big Squeezo Strainer and helped me. (She's the master canner. I always learn a lot from her in the process.)

It was more than make applesauce, though. It was a time for fellowshipping and learning. We talked. We laughed. We made messes. We laughed some more. And we were busy. I was washing, cutting, cooking the apples, and filling and processing the jars. She was straining them. And she let Spenser and Sawyer have a few turns turning the handle. (It's hard, messy work to press those apples. I'm so happy she offered to help me. I had planned to use my little food mill. It would have taken forever.)

In the end, one bushel of apples yielded 17 quarts and three pints of applesauce.

Today I'm helping her strain two bushels of apples, and next week I think I'm going to attempt another bushel. I'm looking forward to spending another morning with her.


LunaMoonbeam said…
Ooh...yummy! What beautiful apples!

I put up about 7 quarts of apple pie filling a few weeks ago. Pretty easy recipe (peel/slice/core apples, put 'em in jars, cover 'em with sugar/cornstarch syrup, process for half an hour.) If you want the recipe, let me know.
Anonymous said…
Guess what I am doing today? Applesauce! I think I have 60 pounds to make, but i will recruit my kids to help, so it will be managable. We will be freezing it since i can't find and lids at the stores anymore.

Have a lovely weekend!
Kat said…
Send some of that yummy applesauce my way. Since its all I can eat with my wisdom teeth out. LOL I love working together with someone on canning or making jelly.Its makes the outcome taste even sweeter!
misschris said…
:) Sounds like yummy fun. I bet the kids can't wait to gobble it up.

I'm so glad you had a good time with your friend!
Yum-o! I love homemade applesauce and also love some quality friend time in the kitchen. Those are the best conversations!!
Jack said…
What beautiful apples and friendship! So yummy... both!
Karyn said…
WOW!!! That looks like fun!

(20 years ago I never would have thought that making applesauce with a friend could be fun, my how times change)
FinnyKnits said…
That's a lot of yum.

Nice work!

We are planting an apple tree in January (Gravenstein) and hope to have enough apples in a few years to do a little sauce canning, too. *Fingers crossed*
Diane said…
Looks delicious! I don't know how to can, but I want to learn. Canning jars have been purchased and a canning pot has been borrowed...but what to do with them?? Canned pumpkin and butternut squash are still just a dream at this point!
Kris said…
Yum! Nice work! It's wnderful to have friends like that!
Lucy Jane said…
wow is really all I can say.
Anonymous said…
How wonderful! A friend uses applesauce instead of butter in cakes. I hadn't known you could do that. Those apples look so beautiful.
Amanda Jean said…
how wonderful that you got to spend that work time with a friend. much better than tackling such a huge task by yourself! I bet you are EXHAUSTED. canning is a lot of work.

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