Friday, September 28, 2007

Airing the Laundry

I always knew you guys were smarter than me! Thanks for letting me vent yesterday and for all of your comments and emails. I got an education, indeed. Hopefully I did not offend anyone with my post. It certainly was not my intention and I apologize if I did.

I think it all boils down to this: be nice. Be nice to others. Whether it is a public service worker, military personnel, or the bagger at the grocery store. Be nice and show respect. Everyone agrees that we all deserve it.

With the overnight rains, I feel everything has been cleansed again. Let's start anew.

(Because this is a family blog, I will probably unpublish this post in a few days so that search engines do not include that post. If you are interested in reading all of the comments, you might want to do it sooner rather than later.)


Diane said...

Lera, I wouldn't worry about offending anyone with your post. I didn't find anything offensive in it, and if someone else did all they had to do was close the window. Whatever happened to "Nice Matters"?

laeroport said...

Wow! I didn't realize there was such a hotbed after I left my comment yesterday!

And yes, indeed, be nice. Sometimes, that is all we have.

Hugs, my friend. Have a great weekend!

Karyn said...

Very pretty aprons Lera!!! :) :)

(Obviously avoiding any hot topic)

TinkerBlue said...

Lera, I didn't find anything offensive in your post. That someone spat on Joe and spoke to him like that - that's offensive. But your post no.

Hugs to you, Joe and your 6 little ones (or not so little ones).

txmommy said...

Lurker, de lurking to say that i really appriciate your fun blog and seeing your crafty idea and cute kids. Also regardless of peoples opinions on "the war" they should be respectful of the soldiers, and indeed of all people. Sorry you had a bad experience and wow~ you got a lot of comments out of it.

Brandy said...

Lovely aprons on the line Lera. I agree, everyone should be nice. One friendly comment or smile is all it takes to make someones day a whole lot brighter.

Chara Michele said...

I just got around to reading that last post... I think it was a great post. I don't think it should matter how anyone feels about the war, no one should treat someone who serves our country that way. Your husband and so many others are being brave, they deserve respect.

Hugs to you! :)

nicole said...

people like your husband are needed, it is sad but it is like that . You must all be very proud of this very courageous and dedicated person!

Mom2fur said...

I read your other post, and I say, 'shame on those people!' Even if we don't agree with each other, can't we be civil about it? I'm mostly disgusted by those parents who stood by while their kid spat on Joe. It was wrong in the first place, but it also sets a dangerous precedent for that child. Someday...he's going to spit on the wrong person.
I think...I know...that there are people out there who think they are 'better than others' and have a right to treat those 'below' them like dirt. Anyone who's ever been a cashier or a waitress can tell you this. I would never do the cashier thing again because I just can't deal with mean people. Really, is it so hard to be nice? Let's all remember: Kindness Counts! And I'll say what's been said many times, but not often enough: God Bless our Military!