Monday, September 03, 2007

They Were High-School Sweethearts

September 9, 1967
On Saturday night my siblings and I threw a surprise 40th anniversary party for my parents.

40 years + 8 kids + 17 grandchildren (so far) later:

They were surprised. And even more surprised when they were supposed to dance to "their" song (Cherish by The Association) and the DJ mistakenly played Cherish the Love by Kool and the Gang. My parents were confused because the DJ announced the song was specially picked by the children.

We were laughing so hard but had to wait until the end of the song to explain it to our parents.

Floor dancing ... or break dancing (?). I call it floor cleaning, which results in children cleaning.

Apparently the preferred dance move amongst the two- and almost-two-year-old age group is sliding on your bottom towards each other.


Lora said...

How wonderful!!! My parents just celebrated 45 years. I feel blessed to have such good role models for marriage!

Karyn said...

Sound like the party was tons of fun!!!! What a great photos of your parents (then and now).

I bet your parents were THRILLED!!!!

Chara Michele said...

Sounds like a wonderful time! I bet your parents loved it! :)

Little Munchkins said...

Looks like everyone had fun that night. I love that pic of the bottom sliding kids.

Felicia said...

Congratulations to your parents. Very funny DJ mistake :)

kirsten said...

congrats to them! what a special time - esp. to celebrate with the kids and kiddos!
- ps - just read the latest post - flimsy bookbags work alright as long as the handles are tough.

beki said...

That's so wonderful!