Thursday, August 14, 2008

I Want a Do-Over

Wednesday was pretty much crap.

Joe had to go out of town yesterday afternoon, so we spent the early part of the day buying new school shoes for the boys. They were picking on each other the entire time we were out. I was about to lose my mind.

I think summer break has lasted long enough and I'm ready for school to start again. I know it sounds horrible to say it, but it's the truth. The boys have been fighting with one another. They have been disobedient. They have been wild. I think they need to be separated for awhile. They've been together too long. This happens every summer.

I'm also experiencing summer's remorse. I had a long list of things for us to do this summer, and we didn't do them. I wanted to take them to the free movies (at least once). It didn't happen. I wanted to take them to a nearby lake to swim. It didn't happen. I wanted to take them bowling. It didn't happen. And here, as usual, I beat myself up over these trivial things.

For the most part, I think the boys enjoyed their summer. I mean, it's not like we didn't do anything. We went to Sesame Place. Taylor spent a week at boy scout camp. Carter spent a week at cub scout day camp and Taylor volunteered the entire week. We went geocaching. We went to the local 4-H fair. Oh, and let's not forget the carnival. And we are taking our vacation next week (the week before school starts). But for some reason, it seems we missed out on something. (Maybe positive attitudes from my boys.) Almost everything I suggest is met with a groan. They are too old for fun, I guess.

And, when you throw in four boys within a 4 1/2 year period, there is lots of competition and jealousy. And that makes for a grumpy mom. I fussed at my boys a lot yesterday.

It doesn't help that I have incurred a knee injury. It hurts to walk up and down steps. To carry Sawyer while walking. To put Sawyer in his car seat. To squat or bend. Pretty much everything I do. I've been taking ibuprofen since Monday and there has been no relief in pain. And that makes me grumpy.

And to top it all off, I learned last night that the cemetery where my sister is buried was vandalized. And, some juvenile delinquent shot her headstone with paintballs. Her headstone says "Families are Forever," and that was their target. My brother was able to clean most of it off, but still. There were 87 headstones vandalized. Some with paintballs. Others toppled over. Some broken. Some of the broken ones were of Civil War veterans. And the broken bits were hurled through the windows of a local business, along with this wooden post. I have just learned that two teenagers have now been charged.

See what I mean? I want a do-over. I want my Wednesday back.

(Photo is from the local newspaper.)


nikki said...

(((Lera))) sorry, I was wondering what happened to your Wednesday post. I think that that is the same cemetary that my grandparents are buried in. Darn kids!
Have fun on vacation. We'll get together soon!

Aunt LoLo said...

Oh, good heavens Mama. I'm so sorry. It sounds like your summer was fun, though! I'm sure your boys can go back to school and talk about the geocaching!!

About the cemetary - that's just wrong. Everyone knows that. Honestly, my first reaction when I read your story was, "Off with their heads." It's disrespectful and mean. Mean people just blow my mind. Maybe your kids can help out at the cemetary, cleaning up the other headstones?

Amy Jo said...

I know what you mean about summer. My boys are going through exactly that. One of them got to go to my brothers this week, and that is making it better!

Sorry about the cemetary.... it's just wrong.

Little Munchkins said...

{{{HUGS}}} Hope you will have a good day today.

Little Munchkins said...

{{{HUGS}}} Hope you are having a better day today.

christy said...

stupid vandals! that makes me mad. don't feel bad about your summer. you did lots of things and usually the best memories made are those at home. my kids usually don't want to go anywhere. at least you have survived!

kirsten said...

yeah. that doesn't sound like a good day. at all. hope today goes better - hey, it IS a do-over!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the cemetary. It really hurts me to hear people being so disrespectful to a place that people mourn and remember.

Don't worry about your summer. In ten years the boys will have fond memories of it and think it was one of the best summers. Just breathe to make it through it. :)

nikko said...

Ugh. I'm feeling the same way about my boys and our summer. I'm starting to regret that we didn't do more, and starting to count down the hours till school starts. They've been together TOO much lately.

Sorry about the cemetery.

Diane said...

Bless you Lera, you did have a bad day and you do deserve a do-over. Wish I could give you one. And about your boys . . . geez-0 pete, do I ever remember the bickering, etc. when my boys were that age. Sounds like they're ready for school to start, just like you! That's terrible about your sister's stone. Why oh why do people do things like that? There is a product out there (Home Depot carries it) call Grafitti Remover thats works really well, even on spray paint. Our maintenance people at work use it. You might want to try it. Hope your Thursday is better and have fun on your vacation!

The P*dunc's said...

Wow! That makes me so mad to hear about the cemetary and your sister's grave site. **breath in, breath out**

I hope that your Thursday is FABULOUS!!!

txmommy said...

that is awful!! I can't imagine someone vandlizing a cemetary.

This is our first summer where I am counting down the minutes. We have a long list of things we never did, although like you we did do fun stuff, just not as much as I wanted and I wasted a lot of time and the kids have been fighting. I blame the price of gas!

Karyn said...

I think you might be a wee bit hard on yourself. I'm sure the kids all had a SUPER summer!!!!

Take care of you knee! (did you go to the doctor??)

And, I'm so sorry to hear about the cemetary. What a heartache.

madre adoptiva said...

Man... I hate days like that. I hope you guys have a wonderful vacation!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Oh my goodness- I can't believe all of the cemetary news!! That is horrible! I'm sorry you had such a rough Weds too! Are you going to the Dr for your knee? I hope it's feeling better soon!!

Anonymous said...

If I could grant you that do over I would in a heartbeat. Here's to a better Thursday.

Sarah and Jack said...

Oh ((((Lera)))) that is a crap day. You deserve a better day today.

Sonja said...

That doesn't sound good... you're ready for your vacation!

beki said...

Oh no! I can't believe vandals would do such a thing! That's truly horrible. I'm sorry that your summer didn't go as planned, but it sure sounds like y'all did lots. Keep your chin up, sweetie!!

Selina said...

So sorry. I hope you get some pain relief and peace soon.

miss chris said...

Oh Lera! I wish I could give you your wednesday back! (((hugs))) and (((hugs))) and more (((hugs))) for you.

This hasn't been a winner of a summer here either...(although we've scraped together some good memories, I'm mostly done with it) You and I both will celebrate the First Day of School like it's the New Year.

(((hugs)) again. I'm just sick over that your sister's headstone.

Lora said...

{{{{Lera}}}} If I could give you a Wednesday I would!! What a day.
I know what you mean about wanting to do things and just not getting to them. I've done the same thing too.
What a horrid event at your sisters gravesite. What little BRATS!

Cindy Is Crafty said...

So sorry that your day sucked! It is never fun to have one like that. I am glad they caught the little mongrels and let's hope they give them a lot to think about and perhaps make them clean off all the mess they created.

I hope tomorrow is better and your weekend is fantastic!

Diane said...

That's a bummer of a day. I'm so sorry about your sister - and her headstone. Glad they caught the kids. True, too, that your boys will look back with fond memories of all the fun things you did as a family - even if it IS ageing you now. Wait until they're sleeping, then take a lil' peek at 'em. It makes it all better.

TinkerBlue said...

Oh Lera,

If I could give yoy back your Wednesday I would. Hugs to you.


Emily said...

Oh Lera,

I ditto Tinkerblue if we could, we would!


hooli said...

The more I read your blog, the more I learn about you. You are remarkable. A great mom... and so many other things.
I know you're burned out over summer; but you have done so many things in this season.
I've been in awe at your stamina.

FinnyKnits said...

That is a lot of crap for one sad Wednesday.


I'm most disturbed by this cemetery crime. That is truly awful.

Too bad they didn't turn the paintballs on themselves. The "youth in question" might have been apprehended sooner.


Alicia A. said...

Here's what I wish for you:

hug, hug, hug.

(and a bowl of chocolate ice cream too.)

dig this chick said...

Lera, Wow. Crummy day. So sorry for you....that cemetary thing is really disturbing.

And the kid thing, well I just have one and (you are a rock star) know that there are days when I feel like I want a do over too. The next day is always better, eh?

At least you have a supportive bra!

jessi said...

Ugghh - I'm a little late in sending condolences, but here's hoping you are having a fabulous vacation and forgetting all about Wednesday!

amandajean said...

oh, Lera....that is awful. you definitely deserve a do-over. hope this week is going better.

I'm so ready for school to start, too. my kids are driving me crazy. all i need is 18 more glue sticks to buy and we will be all set. woo-hoo.

cici said...

chiming in sooo late and i hope you've stopped beating yourself up.

summer is always so full of possibilities - but its also the perfect time to relax (as much as possible with kiddo's) and soak up those lazy, hazy days. running barefoot with NO plans is just as good.

and i'm SO sorry to hear about your sister's headstone.

oh - and i hope that knee starts feeling better, too.