Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Treasures From the Swap Shop

We've visited the the Swap Shop several times over the past month or so and picked up a few treasures each time. (We also took a giant truckload of toys and miscellaneous household goods that we were eager to get rid of before Purple Heart's next pickup.)

These are in no particular order:

A small children's piano, a wooden Little People and a vintage plastic Fisher Price high chair (I had the entire set as a child) and a wooden bench for Spenser's dollhouse.

A bunch of vintage patterns. I think most are in the size 16 range, but because my size seems to fluctuate, I figure these are good. There is one ugly late 80's-early 90's pattern on the top left that I accidentally picked up under duress. (Some fool was arguing with a lady over a lamp that she picked up that he wanted and it turned ugly. He was screaming, cussing, and threatening her. Joe asked him politely to stop cursing around our children and his ugliness was diverted toward Joe.)

Two plates. I've been using the one on the right for my salads. I can easily spread out my salad and then evenly drown my salad in dressing.

A Japanese plate and a vintage glass. The glass had some companions, but several were already broken in the box and Spenser dropped two and broke them. This glass is the lone survivor.

A little mini flannel-board story set.

Some vintage books, including Ed Emberley and Childcraft.

Everything at the Swap Shop is free. Including free shows from mouthy idiots.

* * Unrelated * *

Thank you for all of your bra sympathies and expertise. I have lots of information to pour over. I have checked out a few of the bras, and some of them don't make them smaller than B-cups. But I'm not giving up hope!

And a special thanks for your well-wishes for Sawyer. He is still the same. I took him to the specialist yesterday and apparently he was the one who consulted the P.A. at the E.R. I thought we'd get a second opinion, but it was still the same opinion. He thinks a sling would not help him at his age and Sawyer may not like his arm to be strapped to his body using Ace bandages. I do agree that if he were strapped as such, it might throw off his balance and there would likely be more injury. He is expected to have a full, 100% recovery in about three weeks. (And then, according to the specialist, "he can jump on the trampoline." His exact words. Honestly, after the Spenser incident, she is limited on the trampoline and Sawyer is not allowed. Ever.)


Little Munchkins said...

How is it that you manage to find all these lovely things at the thrift shop? I had a little piano similar to that one you got when I was little and I remember it was red. I used to love playing with it.

miss chris said...

Lera, I picked up that same mccalls
last year. So funny. What fun stuff you found! That mini flannel board set is wonderful.

{ More hugs for Sawyer...poor little lamb! }

April said...

I am so jealous!!!! You score the best stuff. I've got nothing like that over here in Schaumburg, IL

Karyn said...

Look at all those goodies from the swap shop!!! You have "the eye", that's for sure.

I'm glad Sawyer is going to be fine, poor little guy.

Charlie said...

I know all about broken collar bones. I have broken both TWICE. I wore the sling religiously the first time, and after that, only wore the figure 8 to sleep (so as not to toss and turn on it). Anywhere else I just limited my mobility of it. Tylonol is your friend with broken collar bones.

Jo-Anne said...

Fun finds, Lera!Love the books and flannel board.
Sorry about the cranky person...things like that are traumatic for little kids.

So sorry about poor little Sawyer. Read on...this will make you feel better about your mothering... I let Ragan limp around on a bad ankle for a week. (the kids were rough housing--she got pushed off the arm of the couch) I finally mentioned it to the nurse at her 3 yr. old check up a week later and the nurse read me the riot act. I was sure she was going to call CPS the minute she exited the room. Ragan had a hairline fracture. I felt pretty crappy about that one!
Sending {{HUGS}} to sweet little Sawyer!

Anonymous said...

Seriously, you are the queen of thrifting. And all for free. dang.
I really love the flannel board. Awesome. And my mom now owns my grandmother's set of 16 place settings of the plate you're using for salad. I am pretty sure grandma got the set through a grocery store promotion that let you collect it over time at a discount when you bought x dollars worth of groceries.

Kris said...

Terrific finds! (Well, not the loud mouth cussing dude. Some people!) I love the concept of the swap shop. I've never come across that before.

As for the trampoline - I am with you!