Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pardon My Randomness

As soon as we unloaded the car and ate lunch on Sunday afternoon, Spenser and I headed to the garden. There were lots of tomatoes waiting for us after being away for a week.

We filled her basket and she headed into the house to get something else. She came out with some of my Pyrex. I think I was calm on the outside, but on the inside I was screaming "Don't drop it!!!!" We filled a few Pyrex bowls full of cherry and Roma tomatoes. I gotta love a girl who values the beauty of Pyrex.

I received the nicest surprise package yesterday from Rachael. It was a huge box filled with something for everyone. And I do mean everyone. Chocolate popping elves and eggs. Bubbles. Activities for the boredom bucket. 2010 Winter Olympic stickers and tattoos. Canadian flag muffin papers and flags. Strawberry Shortcake barrettes and lip gloss. And, the cutest, cutest, cutest color pencils ever ...

Oh. My. Goodness. I don't know who is more enthralled with them. Me or Spenser. It's a close tie.

And then she sent a bunch of goodies for me. A wristlet. Fabric. A charm bracelet kit. Bakers twine. Vintage doll pin kit. And handmade Christmas decorations.

Thank you, Rachael. I am completely overwhelmed with your generosity. I am so very touched when people think of and include my children. Six children is a lot to buy for. (I do it everyday and it still shocks me sometimes.) And when others think of them, it just warms my heart. It was so unexpected and extremely thoughtful. Thank you.

* * * *

In other randomness:

  1. When Mason came home from school yesterday, I decided to spray him with Silly String. I scared the living daylights out of him. He was terrified. I felt terrible. I thought he would enjoy it. He did not. Sorry, little man!

  2. You may notice that since the first day of school (yesterday), I have already had to update my "Trips to the School Nurse" on my sidebar. Yes. If it's possible to go to the nurse on the first day of school, it would have to be one of my children.

  3. On vacation, Spenser was eating a blue Ring Pop. She kept asking me what color her lips were. I kept telling her they were blue. She turned around, pumped her arm and said, "Yes!"

  4. Spenser often goes around the house saying, "The French are coming. The French are coming." in the fashion of Paul Revere. I have no clue where she picked that up. I have attempted to correct her, to no avail.

  5. Spenser often goes around saying, "Rock on, freaky bro," while doing the "hang ten" sign with her hands and fingers. It sounds more like, "Walk on, creaky fro." I think the boys said it was from Spongebob.

  6. Last year when the boys' school bus pulled away on the first day of school, I "woo-hooed" and did a happy dance down the street. Unbeknownst to me at the time, an elderly widow neighbor of mine witnessed it. This year, Spenser and I did it again. As soon as we did, my neighbor's front door opened and she called out, "I heard that!" All in good fun, my friends.


Lora said...

I can't wait for the back to school happy dance to occur here! My little one will be going to preschool 3 days a week for 3 hours each day.... I'm so friggin' JAZZED!!!

Diane said...

What a great surprise package full o' goodies! Cute cute. And I love the random things that your daughter is saying. The strangest things get stuck in their heads! Too funny.

beki said...

Ha! Picturing you dancing in the street cracks me up!!

Nikki said...

LOL at the neighbor!
I'm guessing that Taylor is alright?

nikko said...

How funny that you already have a trip to the nurse. I think my M has been to the nurse 2-3 times in as many years. LOL.

I'm really jealous of your tomato harvest (ours has been NADA) and I'm laughing at your happy dance. :o)

Little Munchkins said...

Love that randomness info. I can just imagine you doing the happy jig in the streets too.

Karyn said...

You completely crack me up!!!!! I love all your random stories.

I can only imagine your face when Spenser was carrying the beloved Pyrex.

amandajean said...

your random stories had me laughing SO HARD. :) and it brought back great memories that I had growing up in a family of 6 kids. good times.