Spenser in the pants that I "made" for her. Actually, they are made from an old shirt of mine. I was about to donate it to Purple Heart and read online how someone made baby pants/pajamas/shorts out of old t-shirts (and used the original shirt hem as the pants hem). I decided to try it and grabbed this shirt out of my donation pile before they came on Friday. They turned out cute, except -- I forgot to change the stitching when I sewing the waist-elastic casing and it looked to noticeable from the outside (pink zigzag-overcast stitch). I was afraid that the fabric would "run" if I removed the stitching, so, I decided to cover it with pink chenille rickrack. I think I should have left it alone... (I don't know if you can see it, but it has a silver, metallic thread running through it. Very cute.) So, sisters of mine, if you have cute old shirts that are stained or whatever that you want to part with, I can use them!!!!!


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