This morning was busy. Joe had to work. Carter had a pee-wee basketball game at 9:00 a.m. and Taylor had a game at 10:15 a.m. Luckily both games were at their elementary school.

After getting into the school prior to Carter's game, I realized I should put Spenser in her stroller so I wouldn't get so tired holding her for both games. I ran out to the car and the stroller wasn't there! I'm sure no one would steal it because it's only an umbrella stroller (and there are more expensive things in the car to steal). I couldn't figure out where it was.

Finally, I tried to remember when I had it last. Wednesday night. Carter had basketball practice at the school and Taylor pushed the baby around in the hallway to keep busy. We had to leave practice early to get Taylor to Cub Scouts. I thought maybe I left it in the school parking lot, so I checked the "lost and found" at school. It wasn't there. I'm now thinking that maybe I left it at church from Scouts. Either in church or in the parking lot. I'm usually not so forgetful, but all this running around has me losing my mind. (I guess we'll check church in the morning.) What a dumb thing to leave behind. I guess I'm lucky I got all five kids home that night!

Oh! I talked to Carter's teacher this morning and she loves the chocolate-mint soap. She said she wants to learn how to make some because her children are actually washing their hands regularly now! I guess the teachers won't hate me for brown lather.


Monty Buns said…
Lera- Great idea.... although I am still trying to figure out WHY you wanted to tell everyone that I am older!

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