11 Years

Eleven years ago today, Saturday, June 17th, Joe and I were married.

It's hard to believe all that can happen in just 11 years ... Several moves, 5 1/2 children, and many, many business trips.

When I look back to the day we were married, I feel that I really didn't know Joe very well. Kind of funny to think about now.

It's great being married to Joe. He always takes care of me. When I am pregnant. When I'm sick. When I'm sad. When I'm achy. When I'm on bedrest.

He helps to take care of sick children. (Like last night when Spenser awoke with a croopy cough. He took her downstairs to the family room and took care of her all night so I could sleep.) He's more medically knowledgeable than I. He removes splinters, ticks, warts, and loose teeth. He cleans up throw up (because it makes me want to). And he apologizes to me if he is not home to clean it up. Same goes with poop in the bathtub.

He cuts the boys' hair so we don't have to spend $50 a month in haircuts.

He works 6 days a week (sometimes 7), at 10-14 hours a day. (Not because he wants to, but because the Army demands it.) He commutes 60+ miles one way so I can live in my house.

He can fix almost everything. Except the car. He has built decks for our houses. Installed windows. Installed french doors. Built additions. Fixed the children's bubble machine.

He can iron better than I. He's in the Army. What can I say?

He can't fall asleep at night until he knows that I already have. And he knows the minute I drift off to sleep, even though I'm on my side facing away from him.

He kills spiders for me.

He loves all of my creations and encourages me to do more. He never fusses when I buy more fabric.

He uses my homemade soap and gives me his opinion. Even when it might not have completely saponified, he will wash his hands 100 times to see if it irritates his skin.

He sews on Taylor's cub scout patches.

He bought me my first sewing machine as a Mother's Day gift when I was pregnant with Taylor (1996), and wasn't technically a mother yet.

He cuts my toenails, even when I'm not pregnant! (Although I usually do it myself. He says I don't do it right.)

And he still finds time to compliment me every day. Every day.

A lot has happened in the past 11 years and I have been grateful for all of the challenges we have faced together as a team. Happy anniversary, Joe!

And a crafty note:
The flowers in my bouquet were handmade of velvet by me, my sister,
my friend, and my mother (and Joe said he helped, too!). In fact, all of the flowers in the wedding party (corsages, boutonnieres, bridesmaid flowers, and the tossing bouquet) were handmade of velvet. It was hard work, but the work definitely paid off!


Anonymous said…
happy anniversary! You sound like a sweet couple. That was so nice to read.
jen v said…
happy anniversary. sounds like you've got yourself a keeper there :)
oh and velvet flower for your bouquet I love that!
Anonymous said…
Hope you had a happy anniversary! You guys look so cute!
laura capello said…
Happy Anniversary!

You have a lovely life together.
African Kelli said…
Lera, my God! What a catch you've found in each other. Many congrats. :)

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