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A true "corner." This is an alcove in our family room that is awaiting shelves and a cabinet door. For the past 5 years. It currently houses the "extra" diapers.

The baby's crib is ready and waiting, as of yesterday. This little crib is the same crib that Joe's grandfather (the one with the middle name of Dawson) slept in when he was a baby. All of our children have slept in this crib next to my bed. I love it!

The little bumper pad (which I really don't like) was cut down from a regular size bumper before Taylor was born.

The door way to the right is my adjoining door to the nursery (a.k.a. Spenser's room).

And a peek into the room from our connecting door. (And the clothes in the crib, these are the most recently washed clothes waiting to be put away.)

And today.




I have a cold. My head hurts. My face hurts. My chest hurts. My throat is sore. And I can't stop sneezing or blowing my nose!

I can't have a baby now! I can't bring a baby home to this germy house! The house I just spent 3 days cleaning!

Please, baby, stay a few more days inside my belly. Please!


Anonymous said…
Oh no! Poor you! Rest today! Drink lots of O.J. You have to get better fast!
The little cradle is sweet. Your banner looks good too! ;-)
Take it easy today.
Jen said…
I love the little crib! And what a story behind it. I will keep my fingers crossed for you!
Anonymous said…
That crib is wonderful! What a treasured family heirloom. I hope you are feeling better soon!
Anonymous said…
Oh, honey! Get some rest! (As if that's possible with your brood underfoot.)

And great crib and story. We have a bassinette that was first used by my mom and her cousins, then us and all her cousins's kids and now all our kids. It is a basket-type thing with a folding wooden base on wheels. When Aidin was born I made my dad cut a wood bottom because the basket was looking a little dicey.
Anonymous said…
I hope that you're feeling better soon. If Taylor needs a ride to soccer tomorrow, let me know.
beki said…
Oh my goodness, this is not what you need right now. I hope you feel better soon!!

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