Friday's WIPs

This morning at 3:00 a.m., my bedroom door open and I heard, "Mom?" It was Carter (8). All I kept thinking was, "Oh, please don't let it be he peed the bed. Please!" Then he said in a crying voice, "I just threw up." All I kept thinking was, "Oh, please, why wasn't it just pee?!?" As I got out of bed to assess the damage, my stomach flip-flopped every which way but loose. (I've mentioned it before, but I'll remind you that I cannot stand throw up. The sight. The sound. The smell. Even thinking about it makes me sick.) Joe followed me into the bedroom, where he said the words I was longing to hear: "I'll clean it up." I know I married that man for a reason. Needless to say, neither one of us got much rest after that incident.

Tonight is the annual Blue and Gold Banquet for cub scouts (Taylor and Carter). I don't know what to do now. Joe is working today and then flying to Massachusetts this evening and coming home tomorrow night. (Remember?) Grandparents have already been invited. Now I really don't know if Carter is up to it. Or if I enough energy to make food preparations for it. We are supposed to make a pasta dish (I'm bringing kid-friendly macaroni & cheese) and each cub is to bring his own decorated cake for dessert. I'd hate to make Taylor miss it. Carter is not running a fever and seems okay now. I just want to fast-forward over the next day or two.

So, on to my WIPs. First, food for tonight (of course, depending upon whether or not we go). Birthday presents for my dear niece. I'm thinking a birthday tote (and maybe a tissue pouch) and a dish towel apron (which was just added to the to-do list after seeing that cute tute). And then I signed up to donate some cosmetic bags (a.k.a. zippered pouches) for a nursing home's bingo game for the first week of March. And then I'd love to get around to this. It's for a good cause. And, luckily, it's not needed until the end of March.

And, right now, I think I'm going to kiss these cheeks:

I love that baby!


Anonymous said…
oh my, kiss them for me too. Look how strong he is!!!! Okay, let's see, every Mother's dilema.... I would make everything that needs to be made for tonight. If there are no more "incidents" throughout the day... I would say, take the boys and all the stuff needed... don't let Carter eat too much today. Really, dry wheat toast, (Tony's cure for EVERYTHING) a little bit of water, given in small sip increments...
But, if you have all your stuff ready, and everyone feels up to it, go, with the Grands.... forget about this morning. It is amazing how much better pee sounds when barf is involved.... Good luck, we will be looking forward to pictures!!! (Joe is a Saint)
beki said…
He's so adorable!
I am with you on the throw up. cant stand it. Blech!
I hope he can make the banquet.
Anonymous said…
it's so hard when they're sick and have to miss stuff - but would you want a potentially puking (or recently puking) kid there if it wasn't your own? it's a bummer. he could still make a cake, though.

i am SO with you with cleaning up... that stuff. it's awful. the worst is in the car. ick.
laura capello said…
gah! he's pushing himself up! no! no! noooooooooo!!!!
Anonymous said…
Look at him pushing up! What a big boy he's becoming.
And throw up - yuk! I can handle it better when it's my kids though.
I hope everyone is well for the weekend. Good luck with that Blue and Gold Banquet. I have many memories of going to those for my brother. (I was not the only scout in the family.)
Karyn said…
That picture is so precious. I hope you make it to your banquet tonight!
Adrienne said…
What an beautiful baby! That is a really cute apron!
Anonymous said…
Oh. my. gosh.

Your babe is SO cute!
Anonymous said…
Oh kiss away, I dont know how you get anything else done with that cutie around. I feel the same way about my youngest. I just want to squeeze the stuffing out of him sometimes.

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