Where Does the Time Go?

This morning school was two hours late. One might think that I'd have two extra hours to get my act together. Where did those two hours go? I know not.

Nor do I know how this little man turned 5 months old (yesterday). Five! See his two big teeth on the bottom?

Or this young man, my firstborn, could possibly be ten years old. Sporting his Weeblo uniform and his scowl, while holding his cake for his Blue and Gold Banquet. (The theme was "Cubs around the world." We made a black forest cake and decorated it with German flags and scouts. Apparently I'm getting lots of hits on my blog for Blue and Gold Banquet foods and desserts.)

Maybe we've spent the time baking blondies in the Easy-Bake Oven.

Or napping ... or most likely not napping. (This was a ten-minute nap at the very most.)

Or doing Shrinky Dinks with the children.

Life is busy. Life is fun.


Anonymous said…
Yea! Glad there was no thow up to report! And I MUST get us some shrinky dinks. Love the cake and blondies are soooooo wonderful. Happy 5 months little toothy boy! Don't get any ideas and bite your mama!
laura capello said…
shrinkie dinks! me need some of those.

laura talk. cave man talk. lera like?

baby big. big baby. stop baby. last baby you. stop. too fast baby. big baby.

boy scout scowl. why scowl boy scout? cake nice. yummy chocolate. yummy cake. why no smile boy scout?
Anonymous said…
it's like in church when they change times and you suddenly have 2 extra hours (you know of which i speak) but you still have to rush to get out the door.

kids, man.
Anonymous said…
He's starting to look so much like your older boys.

My mom says, "Time flies, whether you're having fun or not." But mostly it looks like you're having fun.
beki said…
I honestly don't know how you do it!!
Karyn said…
Oh my goodness, those are such great photos!!! You are soo lucky, but I have NO IDEA how you do it and stay so sane :)
Anonymous said…
busy fun sounds nice...
5 months old!!!! Good golly! He's so cute! :)
Anonymous said…
Ahh, I just want to stuff that cake in my mouth. All of it. It looks beautiful.

Shrinky dinks! Yay.

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