Fighting the February Funk - Day 4

After soapmaking:

From the Easy-Bake Oven.

And she shared.

And model-airplane assembly. (Carter)

And Taylor had his stitch removed.


Anonymous said…
Nothin' like treats cooked under a light bulb! mmmmm...

(um, still having trouble with all their names, but I'm working on it.)
laura capello said…
geeze, lera. be supermom and shame me to death why dontcha.
Anonymous said…
we've never had an easybake - but that sure is cute!
Karyn said…
I want an easy-bake oven!!! he he he Actually, I would like one of those cookies right about now.
beki said…
I have easy bake oven envy.
christy said…
did you see on the news that a gazillion easy bake ovens have been recalled?

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