Back-to-School Sewing Projects

Before school started, I had a few, short back-to-school sewing projects to take care of.

Spenser has a neoprene lunchbox that looks like a purse. There was no easy way to label it with her name and phone number, so I sewed a little cloth tag on it and labeled it with a extra-fine tip marker.

A few snack baggies were made following this idea.

I sewed a few girly cloth napkins (using scrap fabric) for my favorite girl.

AND some place mats (using scraps) for the girl child.

I made little covers for the ice pouches. I was hoping to cut back on the condensation that accumulates in their lunchboxes.

The kids love picking out which one they want to use. Strawberry Shortcake is off limits to the boys.

For lunchboxes and book bags this year, Mason and Jackson have identical ones. They are not twins even. The book bags were free from when they attended an Operation Purple camp this summer. The lunchboxes were cheapy, $3 ones from Wal-Mart. Since we needed to be able to tell them apart easily, I sewed a little ribbon to the handles of the book bags and lunchboxes. It has helped immensely.


Bridget said…
I love your lunch box ideas! I'm making more lunches this year so I really appreciate it.
Miranda said…
Great ideas! I really love the pouches for the ice packs. I usually wrap a paper towel around them and then use the moist paper towel later to wipe out the lunch box. Your idea would be more eco friendly!
christy said…
Lidia has the same lunchbox but it's red inside so I was able to just write on it with a sharpie. cute label though. your kids are looking so grown up.
Annabel Manners said…
So cute! Your little ones must have the most stylish lunchboxes in the whole school!
utmommy said…
You have the best ideas!

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