School Frock

I've been crafty lately. Once again I have been bitten by the crafty bug and I'm really liking it. I wasn't able to do much this summer with all the kids home, and it's a welcome break to do a little here and there.

A couple of weeks ago I sewed Spenser a little school frock. It is mostly a sleeveless little dress, but I wanted her to wear it over leggings or jeans. And since it's not quite "jeans" season (unless you ask Carter), she's wearing them with capri-length leggings and a short-sleeved tee underneath.

The fabric is something I picked up more than four years ago when I was pregnant with Sawyer. (He will be four on Saturday! Aaaaaah! I seriously do not know how that happened. ::sigh::)

The frock is fully lined with red gingham. The perfect combination, in my opinion.
I used a red vintage button and a red and white striped piece of ribbon for the loop.

There are more planned.


lisa said…
Marty said…
Reminds me of a little frock that I bought for my little sister when I got my first job. I liked it so much I made a pattern from it and made her a couple more. Unfortunately she was in a growth spurt and they were too small by the time school started that fall!
Amanda Jean said…
TWIN!!! i have that same fabric! not much left, because i used lots of it. it's soooooooo cute!

i can't believe your little guy is going to be 4! wow!
dig this chick said…
So sweet!

Been a while since I've been here and I am happy to rest a bit. Sawyer will be four?! Yikes. I started reading right after he was born and I wasn't sure I'd have kids...ha.


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