The end of summer break flew by. I'm just going to recap (very briefly) for the sake of journaling.

Spenser got a new haircut. My neighbor and fellow council member owns the hair salon in town. It was Spenser's first trip to a salon. (My friend, who cuts my hair, gave Spenser her very first haircut, when she was about four, but the other two or three times I've cut it myself.)

Joe took the boys camping. All of the boys (plus his father). Our church had its annual Father-Son Camp-Out at the end of summer, leaving the two girls alone for the night. (Incidentally the same day she got her hair cut.)

We had a great time together. And she dressed up for the occasion. We did a few three-legged races (she didn't get to play at Mason's birthday party.) We didn't play against anyone, so we won each game. We then took a walk and walked to dinner. We came home and played Toss Up and Bunco. Then we watched a movie and ate popcorn and homemade salsa and chips. She fell asleep on the sofa because she was afraid to sleep in her room alone (without Sawyer). Then I carried her to my bed for the night. It was one of my most favorite nights of the summer.

School started the week before Labor Day, so we had a back-to-school weenie roast in the backyard. Complete with sparkling lemonade and s'mores.

Taylor started 8th grade and Carter started 6th. Both attend the same middle school now.

Jackson started 4th, Mason started 3rd, and Spenser (gulp!) started Kindergarten. Full-day kindergarten.

Any apprehension I had on the first day was blown clear out of the water when I saw this:

she ran to the bus stop! (She had Kindergarten orientation the day before and we were separated during the two hours. She told me later that her eyes watered because they "burned." It nearly broke my heart. I was very grateful that she was over her "burning" eyes by the next morning.)

Mason was baptized on September 4th. He was so very happy all day long.

And my littlest man, Sawyer, started preschool two mornings a week. It's hard to believe there are two mornings a week that I have three full hours without children. (Although, with holidays and election day he's only averaged one day a week since he started.) The mornings without Sawyer are spent running errands and shopping. Not exactly fun stuff.

And because school and soccer season have once again started, I need to officially clear the Trips to the School Nurse 2009-2010 and Soccer Goals Fall 2009. Here is the breakdown:

Trips to the School Nurse 2009-2010
Taylor: 2
Carter: 12
Jackson: 5
Mason: 16

Soccer Goals Fall 2009
Taylor: 1 (Taylor usually plays defense)
Carter: 4
Jackson: 11
Mason: 2


Brenda said…
All of them are so cute. Sounds like a great summer.
FinnyKnits said…
I love the sound of your girls night - sounds like you're making great memories with that little lady of yours.
nikki said…
Love the one of Spenser running!
Emily said…
Wonderful2x3 Post! Amazing how fast your children grown up and thanks for sharing precious moments with us in your blog.

Glad to have found you!
Autum said…
That picture of Spenser running made my eyes water, they must have been burning : )

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