Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Costume Sewing

I loved all of your comments from yesterday's post. I'm so happy to know that I'm not the only one freaked out by spooky, unexplained noises when the husband is away.

I've been struggling with Halloween costume ideas for Spenser. I suggested a bride or Little Red Riding Hood. She requested a princess. Bride? Princess? Almost the same thing in my sewing opinion.

So Sunday night was the night I thought I would start working on this (I needed something to divert my attention from the strange sounds). I didn't have a princess dress pattern. And I hadn't bought any special fabric, but I had some white satin and pink lace in my stash. I decided to use the basics of a pattern for an angel costume that I had made two years ago for her and modify it.

I cut the fabric, sewed it together and left a few edges (sleeves and hem) untouched so I could fit it to her the next day.

When she woke up, I told her I had been working on it. She was so excited. Until she saw it. I guess it's not what she had in mind. And I suppose when you're almost three, you don't see the "big picture" and raggedy edges are a big turn-off. I nearly forced her to try it on so I could see what changes it would need. I had to pin sleeves and shorten the bodice. She wasn't happy to see it and couldn't wait to take it off.

Last night I sewed late into the night making the necessary modifications, which included ripping apart quite a bit of the dress.

When she woke up this morning, with everything finished but the bottom hem, I thought she would be happier. She's not. She still doesn't like it.

So, now when I ask her what she wants to be for Halloween, she answers "Spenser."

You can't win them all.

(So what, you ask, are the above photos for? I sewed her a simple Little Red Riding Hood cape and bonnet on Friday just in case she wanted to be that for Halloween. She doesn't. So the princess dress was actually costume #2. I might show you the ugly princess dress tomorrow. I'm hoping to finish the hem and have a certain girl wear the dress for the photo. That is, if I can get the dress on her. Fingers crossed.)


kirsten said...

bribe her. go to bath and body works and get her some of that roll-on glitter for her face - tell her she can wear lip gloss - and curl her hair (assuming she likes that). does she have proper princess accessories? purse, gloves, crown, etc? you've only got one girl - make it count! :)

she can be won!

kirsten said...

ooh! what about a princess tote/purse to collect candy in?

Sarah and Jack said...

Maybe she needs a hat? One of those paper cone hat thingys with the tulle hanging out of the end?

I think Rebecca has some made somewhere on Thrifty Goodness.

I am a bit worried that my vision of an owl will not meet Jacks. Oy.

Karyn said...

Too bad you couldn't convince her to be Little Red Riding Hood, my that's a cute cape and bonnet!!

laeroport said...

I'll be Little Red Riding Hood in a costume like that! So cute! Aidin was Little Red one year and Eliot was the Big Bad Wolf a la Marth Stewart Kids. It was really cute.
Good luck!

Chara Michele said...

That is an adorable cap and bonnet! I like Kirsten's idea of bribing her to get her to wear the costume you made:)

FinnyKnits said...

Personally, I'm a big fan of that red riding hood costume - very cute. I remember the things that my princess costumes of yore (I think I was a variation on the princess theme every year for the first 8 years of my life) was the tutu and the wand.

Ok, it sounds like my mom tricked me. I was clearly dressing up like a fairy.

But it was great! I had a wand with a big glittery star on the end and pink fluffy feathers and streaming pink ribbons. It was the best.

And I thought I was a princess. Duh. Not bright.

Kathy said...

Wow. She's learned to be stubborn at an early age. I guess she has an image in her mind of the perfect princess. Good luck with the costumes!

misschris said...

My little one hates her elmo costume (that we were weak and bought her because I have learned I do not have the patience to sew with fake fur.) It made her cry last night.

BTW, I'm so happy to have found your blog. What a wonderful read it is. You have such a darling family and sweet kiddos.

amandajean said...

that cape is super duper cute! good luck with your costume dilemma. :)

Anonymous said...

okay. so what happens when they turn three that they get so. stubborn? i'm with kirsten, though. from my own experience with my dd, glitter can turn just about anything around. lots. of. glitter. maybe even in her hair.

Alicia A. said...

They are so unappreciative, aren't they?! ;)