Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Yesterday was another good mail day. When I picked up the mail at the post office, there was another package awaiting me.

Karyn sent this wonderful package. One of her button pendants (in a cute tin), a mini card wallet, some of her awesome Gocco note cards (with great blue envelopes), some Japanese Thumbelina fabric and
a necklace (from her sister's etsy shop). Thank you, Karyn. I really love it all. In fact, I took off the necklace I was wearing yesterday and wore the red one for the rest of the day. I'm not brave enough to cut into the fabric yet, but maybe soon.

And then last night my friend, Sandy, stopped by with these cute pink ballet slippers. Aren't they cute? The ribbons are velvety and soft. So sweet.

I should also mention that last week I received a casserole and some cookies from my friend, Amy, who wanted to give me a break on cooking dinner. It was very appreciated and completely gobbled up. I think I shared exactly 1 1/2 cookies with my family. Seriously. And then Kim stopped by with yummy banana and blueberry bread. They, too, were gobbled up. Mostly by me. (And I wonder why I gained three pounds last week. It couldn't be just the cheesecake.)

And, remember Diane who sent me the cherry fabric? She sent a hilarious birthday card that was completely me and Joe. Thank you, again, Diane.

* * * *
As a side note, I feel I must just state for the record that I truly don't think my children are "defective." I think my children are the six most perfect people I know (just as any mother would think of her children). I have been concerned because a few months ago, a local child was running in a race, collapsed, and died due to an undetected heart condition. That is my biggest fear. As a mother, I worry continually about the health and safety of my children. I love them and do not think they are defective in any way.


Karyn said...

Thank you for photographing the wallet while it was open so that the wonkiness isn't visible for all the world to see!!!

I'm glad you like the loot (and the pretty blue envelopes, you nut!)

laeroport said...

OH, hugs, honey. And a great score in the mailbox! Let the birthday celebration continue. ;)

Chara Michele said...

Wow some more amazing goodies! :)

Katie Jean said...

Geez you got some great things!! And dinner cooked by someone else is always an amazing thing!

Jennifer said...

Still jealous. I too would love to have someone drop off a dinner. I'm going to hint about that one.

Lora said...

can we trade mailboxes?

amandajean said...

lucky you receiving such goodies the last few days. mail is great, isn't it?