Thursday, October 25, 2007

Soccer Scarves

Soccer season is coming to an end over the course of the next few weeks. Mason had his soccer "tournament" on Saturday (I use that term lightly for the Under-6 age group); Jackson has his this Saturday; Carter the following Saturday; and Taylor the Saturday after that.

All but one of the coaches are male. I really wanted to give them a thank-you gift, but didn't think they would appreciate totes or wristlets or tissue pouches or crowns (... on second thought, a crown!). I found the perfect soccer ball fleece on sale this week and decided to cut it into scarves.

The scarves are two yards in length (including the fringed ends) and eight inches wide. I was able to cut seven scarves out of the width, when cutting along the grain. I bought additional yardage for my boys and made their scarves about 1 3/4 yards in length. Using a rotary cutter and mat made the job so much easier than using scissors.

Joe is in Kentucky this week and called yesterday morning to tell me that he was in a minor car accident. He and a friend/coworker were stopped at a red light and someone rear-ended them. The cars are pretty messed up, but no one had any serious injuries. Joe got an instant headache and felt nauseated, but refused treatment. He was better last night when I talked to him.


nikko said...

Cute gift idea. We still have several weeks of soccer here!

Karyn said...

Terrific scarves Lera!

And...glad Joe's ok, he was lucky!

laeroport said...

Perfect coach's gift - and even better that your boys have one to match.

Hope Joe is okay - thankful it was only minor. Your car? Rental car? Government car?

Chara Michele said...

What a great idea! Very cool scarves:)

I hope Joe is totally okay!

Anonymous said...

you don't think the coaches would appreciate a nice wristlet, huh? ;)

glad Joe is okay.

Lora said...

Cute Soccer Scarves!! Our season is almost over!
OO Kentucky..that's where my family is. I'm from Louisville. Where is he? Ft. Knox?

amandajean said...

glad to hear that Joe is ok!

FinnyKnits said...

#1: **Be ok Joe!** (that is me sending healthy vibes)

#2: Those scarves give me a good idea for co-worker Christmas gifts.

Aren't you just always the one with the fancy ideas. Love it!