Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Lunch With My Boys

Last week was National School Lunch Week. Our school always celebrates by inviting the parents to have lunch with their children during the week.

On Monday I had lunch with Mason (kindergarten) and Jackson (first grade). They weren't expecting me, so it was a nice surprise. They were also happy when I gave them money for ice cream.

On Wednesday, when I was supposed to have lunch with Carter and Taylor, the power was out at the school, lunch times were shifted ahead and I missed it. I would have gone Thursday, but Carter had a field trip.

Yesterday I surprised both Carter (third grade) and Taylor (fifth grade) and showed up for lunch. Although they weren't expecting me, I don't think they were very surprised to see me.

There's such a difference in age groups. With the younger kids, the boys' classmates came around me like flies to honey. The other children sat next to me and continually tried to get my attention, leaving little time for conversation between me and my boys.

In fifth grade I was the repellent. Kids scattered like I was bug spray. One boy was nice enough to stay.

It was fun. This will be the last (and only) year that all four boys will be in the same school together. Next year Taylor will head to middle school. Am I old enough for that? Wait. Don't answer that ...


Little Munchkins said...

I love those pic of your kids. I was looking at the pic of them eating icecream and thought I would love one too right now lol.

laeroport said...

"Repellent" is not a word I would use to describe you, Lera. :)
And you make the cutest kids. Geesh!

nikko said...

How fun! I need to eat lunch at school more often. M loves it when I do. :o)

diana said...

i hsve a fifth grader too!! i am so not ready for middle school either!!we could for a support group or something like that!!!

Karyn said...

Cute pictures! Now, Lera, did you get the flopsie bunny lunch bag done so you had something cool to bring your lunch in?

amandajean said...

I had my first lunch date with my son last week. it was very fun. (hard to coordinate with 2 little ones at home-but I will do it every chance I get.)

and I am sure that your boys loved the ice cream treats. :)

Chara Michele said...

What fun pics:)