Friday, October 19, 2007

I Earned It

I did deserve that moment. Thankyouverymuch.

Some weeks while Joe is away, everything is fine. Other weeks are ones I wish to never repeat. And then there are weeks like this one: a mixture of both.

Seriously. No matter how hard I try, I could not make up the stuff that happens to me in a day.

Wednesday was one of those days. The days when I was being thrown curve balls every which way I turned.

Spenser and Sawyer have not been sleeping well. Usually they both sleep all night long. This week, they are not. When I woke up in the middle of the night, my back hurt so bad I thought I was going to be stuck in bed all day. It eventually felt better, but it was a rough start. Spenser also started with a croupy cough in the middle of the night. I eventually dragged her into bed with me (the best I could with my sore back). Spenser and the big clunky pink cast, which is not a fun bed partner.

Because of my back pain, I wasn't moving quick enough to get a shower before the boys left for school. That always throws my schedule out of whack. However, I did get a load of laundry in the wash and dinner in the crock pot. After my shower, my back was feeling better. A friend called and needed my sewing advice on a costume for a church talent show on Friday. She wanted to stop in. That was fine. But I also had a special lunch date at school with my Taylor and Carter (for National School Lunch Week). She left in time for me to straighten my hair, put on a skirt and some nice shoes and head out the door, leaving my two little ones with my MIL.

As I'm skipping merrily, and child-free, out the front door, I notice a stalled truck on my street. Our street is very narrow and I live on a dead end. The truck was blocking the only exit. No matter how hard he tried, the driver could not get the truck started. I hopped out of my car to offer assistance. We pushed the large work truck down the street (remember in a skirt and heels!) so my car could fit through. I so wish I had a photo of that. Hey, I was desperate!

I arrive at school smelling like diesel fuel. If you aren't familiar with that smell, it smells almost like burning rubber. No matter, I'm just going to lunch with my boys. As I head into the school, it's dark. The power is out. I walk to the cafeteria to learn that they had pushed all of the lunch times ahead and that I had missed lunch with my boys. I uneventfully head home, still smelling stinking of diesel.

That evening, as we sat down for dinner, Spenser began to throw up all over the place. For about three consecutive minutes. The boys ran out of the kitchen faster than the speed of light. I wanted to join them, but being the only adult in the house, I was forced to stay. As I went to throw Spenser's clothes in the washing machine, I found the load from earlier that day that I had forgotten about.

So, yes, thank you Dove chocolates for justifying to me that I earned it, because I did. Of course long after the visions and smell of barf left my head.


laeroport said...

Oh, honey. You totally deserve a moment.
Hugs! I hope your weekend is great.

Mary Sarah said...

Just one? I think maybe 2 or 12 were in order. I hope things a alot smoother for you today!

Alicia A. said...

I was thinking that day deserved a bunch of those too!

beki said...

Oh no! I hope you enjoyed the whole bag of chocolates after all that!!

FinnyKnits said...

Good night! Forget the chocolates (well, never *forget* them, but you know) you need a friggen cape.

Meanwhile, your shoes are super cute.

Karyn said...

You can add..."and Karyn didn't read my blog first thing this morning" to your list of complaints!

Please tell me you ate more than one chocolate. Who stops at one??? Not me!

capello said...

omg, and i *know* how you love vomit.

oh, lera. i feel for ya.

amandajean said...

wow...that is one crazy day. so sorry you had to deal with the pukies. those are the worst.

jessi said...

You did earn it! Here's hoping for better days!

MEZ's momma said...

Oh my goodness. I really hope you had more than just one.

Little Munchkins said...

You poor thing! That was just not your day was it. Hope you are having a better weekend.

Jennifer said...

You DO deserve it. I love the 'cast pants'. Great concept. You could make millions at home making them for just about everyone. Your next business venture!
I hope the kids are sleeping better...and feeling better.
Sorry you missed your school lunch. I'm sure you were craving all that good food. <--at least the company would have been great.

Keep smiling and sewing!

Chara Michele said...

You totally deserved more than one moment (or one piece of chocolate) after that day!