Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Two More Pairs of Pants

I know you are probably just about as sick of seeing Sawyer's new pants as I am sewing them. The next time I decide someone needs nine new pairs of pants/shorts/skirts for a season (wait, let me recant the skirts), please someone remind me that monotony almost killed Lera.

This is almost the end of Sawyer's new fall/winter wardrobe. Unfortunately for us (me for sewing and you for reading), there are two more pairs that are cut and awaiting to be sewn. I'm sorry that I have to bore you with this. But, really, it's the most interesting thing happening around here lately.

The green pants are wide-wale corduroy and the rusty-colored ones are a velvety, no-wale (per the lady at the fabric store) corduroy. Corduroy has been on sale lately and dirt cheap. I couldn't resist. I just adore corduroy this time of year. The pockets on the pants are actually "back pockets," but for the sake of only taking one photo (and boring you less), I flipped the pants around. Again I used super-sweet Japanese fabric for embellishing. And I'm totally loving the Humpty Dumpty. The fabric has prompted Spenser to walk around the house reciting Humpty Dumpty. So fun.

* * *
On Saturday evening when we were getting ready for our church's Trunk or Treat party, I asked Carter what he wanted to dress up as. He said (and I really have no idea where this came from), "A middle-aged man who starts a town riot." HUH?!? I don't know if he meant a "middle-aged" man, as in someone in their 40's or if he meant a man from the Middle Ages. And what's this about starting a town riot? Needless to say, he dressed up as a knight. Do any of you know what that means? Because I sure don't.


Karyn said...

I'm not the least bit bored with all your fall sewing. I think the outfits look amazing, but I bet they're even cuter on!

And no, I have NO idea what was meant by a "middle aged man who starts a town riot". (still laughing at that one)

Mika said...

I love the pants and stuff..keeps me motivated. I actually am working on pair of pants #2 for the 3 yr old. Sigh. And the middle aged man thing just has me laughing so hard. That cracks me up.

laeroport said...

That boy of yours is a riot. He made me laugh out loud. :)
And I'm not sick of the pants - and I'm totally in love with cordoury too. I've got some black, blue and brown at home that are just waiting to be cut into.

Happy Halloween!

Lora said...

Wow...start a riot.. I have NO idea where that came from either Lera!! He's a hoot!! I love what kids come up with.
I love the outfits...keep em coming!! I just love the bits of fabric you add as accents!! Gotta get myself some fabric from Superbuzzy!
Hey, I posted the boys pics from halloween, :) Check out the blog :)

SilverLining Designs said...

That is so funny "middle-aged man starting a town riot" where do they get these things? My youngest wanted to be an old "dead" grandma.... what is that??? She ended up being a tube of toothpaste.

nikki said...

'middle-aged man that starts a riot' lol Carter is funny. Did I tell you that Erik is "dirty laundry?"

kirsten said...

love the pants- he's one stylin' baby. i wish i'd known how easy it was to make pants when my others were little!

(and the town riot thing? waaa? that is hilarious)

nikko said...

I've been buying lots of corduroy lately, too. Love your pants. You can show us all nine pairs, I wouldn't care. :o)

What a creative costume idea! What did he wear?

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

That costume request has me laughing out loud. Too cute!

FinnyKnits said...

Did Joe coach him into saying that? How funny!

You should let him carry around a lit torch and a pitchfork for a while. ;)

randi said...

I guess he wants to be a really exciting and destructive 40-year old!?! Too funny!

The pants you have been making are so cute. I am so glad that corduroy is available in the stores this season! I love it!

Cici said...

i love corduroy, too - keep the photos coming! "middle aged man..." too funny!

Chara Michele said...

I don't think the outfits are boring in the least! I am quite impressed with how many you have made though:)