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I finished sewing (and filled) the Christmas stocking party favors for Jack's party tomorrow. I did this while Spenser and Sawyer napped simultanueously and Mason busied himself around the house.

I used the leftover flannel from the Advent Stocking Garland. Each stocking has a candy cane, some Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Candy Cane Hershey Kisses, and a breadstick/cheese dipping thing (my boys call them "dipping things"). I have a nephew that hates candy, so he has a "dipping thing," a bag of Fritos, and a little single serving of applesauce! I also put together 2 "baby" ones for my younger niece and nephew (applesauce, PB cups, and "dipping things"). There are 12 in all, but 5 are for my children.

The children have been loving Jack's birthday easel. They are playing school. One side has a chalkboard, the other side has a dry erase board. And there is a roll of paper at the top to draw on. Last night after dinner I spied the above drawing. It reminds me of Mr. Heat Miser. It made me laugh. (Does Jack even know who Mr. Heat Miser is???)

And I just took this blurry picture a few minutes ago. (It did not look blurry on the camera's display!) I think I have another Superman in the making! Mason is so very proud! My two Supermen. (Or maybe "just two of my Supermen.")

Now it's off to today's WIP -- cleaning! Wish me luck! I need it.


Anonymous said…
I still cannot keep track of who is who. bad me.

You need to draw me a diagram. :)
beki said…
Lily has that same easel, which we've just taken out again. My kids are having a good time with it too.
I love that song, "I'm Mr. Heat Mieser, I'm Mr. Sun.." I need to find out when that special comes on so that the kids can watch it.
Good luck on the party tomorrow!
laura capello said…
that totally looks like mister heat!

and cleaning? oh, yeah. i should do that too. ahem.
Anonymous said…
Did you see my kitchen today? But then I don't have a birthday party at my house until NEXT weekend. ;)

And Mr. Heat Miser Rocks! Shall I send over our VHS copy of A Year Without Santa Claus?

What super little men you've got there.

Happy weekend, Lera!
Anonymous said…
My 4 year-old wants to dress up like superman every chance he gets. He is in those clothes more than the clothes he puts on in the morning! Your supermen sure are cute!

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