Orange Cowl

So I knit another cowl. This one is a bit different and so very, very warm. It was so much faster to knit. Not because I am perfecting my knitting (though a girl can only hope), but because it used large needles and chunky yarn. It was my kind of project.

I found the cowl pattern from a google search. As soon as I saw it, I knew it was the one. I didn't have the correct size needles (it recommended US17 circs and I could only find US15 in the store) and was concerned it would not turn out right. However, I decided to email the creator and she so graciously emailed me back with suggestions. How very nice. (And I did email back to thank her because it really irks me when I spend time emailing back a stranger with details of a project that they've requested and I never hear back from them. So there you go. One of Lera's pet peeves.)

So, here is the cowl with my grey wool pea coat after shoveling snow on Saturday afternoon. (I tried desperately to finish it in time for Saturday's snowstorm and then the forecast changed and we were supposed to miss the snow. But, as weather-predictors are usually wrong, it snowed anyway and I got to wear it. So, hip hip hooray for snow!)

And today with my jean jacket.

I love the versatility. Dress it up or dress it down.


used US15 circular needles
1 1/2 skeins Wool-Ease Thick and Quick (in pumpkin)
cast-on 60, knit 20 rows, then decreased as instructed for row 11 and continued following pattern


Karyn said…

LOVE it!

I didn't tell you, but I actually cast on the other one when you blogged about it. I haven't gotten very far and I like that one way better!!!
Cindy Is Crafty said…
This is really awesome, Lera! I love the color!
Bonus Mom said…
Gorgeous!!! That pumpkin is such a great warm color!
Machelle said…
I really like that orange one. Great work, keep at it, it might become an
Amanda Jean said…
it's SO CUTE!!!! i love that you can dress it up or down. perfect!

(and i bet it keeps your long giraffe neck warm. ;) )
mlc2boys said…
Great progress! I, too, taught myself to knit. Join for some great free patterns. While overwhelming at first, it helped me learn a lot about appropriate yarn for some great projects! Plus it's fun and helpful to see what everyone else has created. Thanks for sharing- you keep me motivated to sew, knit, create- and to make the time to do it- both because I can and because it's the only way I can afford to enhance my wardrobe! best. Michelle
Diane said…
Love it! Superb job. I love cold weather because it enables us to wear all kinds of yummy layers!
FinnyKnits said…
Love it! Oh and it's orange - my weakness...

If you ever want to get conversions for a cowl, I have this math already done here.

No reason why should suffer any more than necessary with math, yes?
Chris said…
The color is fantastic, it seems nice and toasty.
erica-knits said…
Oh! It looks so gorgeous. :) What a good color to brighten up winter.

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