Bread before Breakfast

At least once a week, if not twice, I bake bread. Amandajean had passed along a link to a recipe that makes a very simple, effortless bread. In fact, the main reason I make it this often is because it's easy. Oh, and it tastes good, too.

So, this morning after doing some yoga (while most of the house was still sleeping), I decided to break away from my morning routine of jumping in the shower and made bread instead. Slowly the older boys trickled down the stairs for breakfast.

While the bread rose, I packed lunches. While the bread baked, I hopped in the shower and put on my make-up.

And before Carter, Jackson and Mason left for school, I had already pulled the bread out of the oven. After a quick cooling, I lightly wrapped two loaves and gave them away. One before the bus even came.

Now, the recipe makes four large loaves. Even with my size family, it seemed we couldn't finish that much bread before it got too hard and was tossed to the happy chicken girls. I have been cutting the recipe in half, making four small loaves, and I have been giving away one to two loaves to neighbors and friends.

I found the lecithin at the localish health-food store. Some times I hate going in there because every time I'm there, I'm the only customer and I feel like I'm being watched. (And I guess for good reason because one time Sawyer removed all the price tags off the soaps and lotions as I looked at the essential oils. I was completely clueless until the owner brought it to my attention. Of course I apologized and fixed all the labels.) When I walked in the door, I didn't putz around, I told the owner what I was looking for and he directed me right to it. It was fairly reasonable at just over $6 for 16 oz. And it's taking forever to use it.


Bridget said…
I'll have to try that recipe, sounds easy enough. I love making a big batch of bread and freezing it. My kids and husband could eat 2 loaves a day so I usually don't have much to freeze.
beki said…
Oh yum! I think i'll try this soon.
Tonya Gunn said…
I also have a very similar simple way to bake bread because I usually bake two loaves each day along with a baked good (to save energy I bake them at the same time)...
Even after all of these years, the small of the freshly baked loaves still brings the children bounding into the kitchen to get a still warm slice.
Warm wishes, Tonya
Jennifer G said…
You make that bread look amazing! I'm gonna have to try this one. I kinda stink at the bread baking business. I do well at making cinnamon-pull-apart bread---about it!
jessica said…
I'm always looking for an easy bread recipe. I'll have to see if I can find some lecithin and try it out.

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