Green Dress

A few months ago I thrifted this green dress. While I didn't love the brightness of the green, I liked the style of the dress. It seemed very 50's to me.

I had some grand plans for this dress. I thought about swapping out the buttons and making a belt for it, as the original belt was missing (which was probably a blessing in disguise because the dress was green, all the buttons were green, and I assume the belt was very green).

Several long months later, the project is finished. Two failed belt-attempts later, I think I like it.

Perhaps I should be wearing pearls with the dress and delivering a casserole to a sick neighbor in a vintage Pyrex dish?

And, look! It has pockets!

I chose different scraps of fabric to cover each of the buttons. Some were old vintage scraps or vintage sheets. Others were fabrics I thought would stand out against that green. Oh, that green.

Even the sleeves got pretty new buttons.

And the belt. The belt was made from some grosgrain ribbon scraps I had. Neither piece was long enough on its own, so I pieced them together and sewed a set of D-rings on one end. I sewed the flower together and made a coordinating covered button for the center. (I definitely wanted the belt to be wardrobe neutral. In fact, I think I wore it to church last week before I attached the flower.)

So, I must make a few confessions. First, after I bought the dress, I thought I had lost my mind. When I got the dress home, I realized that the green is really bright. I actually considered donating back to Purple Heart or bleaching the holy heck out of it. But it sat in my sewing pile for awhile. Then I finally decided to go for it, and covered the buttons, but never sewed them on. And it sat again. I had made two belts and didn't love them enough for the dress. Just within the past two weeks, I found inspiration for the belt (from a blog, I think) and attached the buttons that very day. I thought the dress was "dry clean only" so it sat for a few more days. When I looked at the tag, it was hand-washable. I decided to test fate and throw it in the wash on the delicate cycle and it survived.

Confession #2: The boys told me I looked like I belonged on the set of Elf at breakfast yesterday morning.

Another confession: I wore it to church yesterday. As I sat in church I started to think I must look ridiculous. I was brighter than noonday, for Pete's sake. During church (with full faith that I would survive the humiliation of wearing such a garment in public), I decided I would donate the dress to Purple Heart so I would never be tempted to wear it again. After Sacrament (our main church meeting), I had to make a few quick rounds around the church hallways to make sure all of our Primary (children's program) teachers were in their classes. I couldn't walk more than ten feet before I was complimented over and over again. By the time I had finished making my rounds, I decided that I love this dress and I will wear it every week. (Or not. 'Cause that would be overkill, wouldn't it?)

So I think I like it. At least enough to keep it for a month. Being that Purple Heart just made a pickup on Friday, the dress is safe for another month ...


lisa said…
I think it's cute! Love that you put a button on the flower.
beki said…
Wear it with pride, Lera! It looks cute on you!!
laeroport said…
Elf! I don't think so. It is adorable, as are you, my dear. (And it is my favorite color.)
Diane said…
What an excellent find! It looks great on you. Gotta love those pockets too. It's a keeper :)
hooli said…
It's great! You're such a thin little mother... maybe take it in a bit, to show off your cute figure.
You're clever. I would never have thought of making all the buttons different.
The best is great. Now all you need is one of those great tin flower brooches.
Brenda said…
Oh Lera. It is adorable. I really love it. It's about time you were sewing for yourself again.
Anonymous said…
The dress is fabulous! Of course you should keep it and wear it often. In other words I'm "green" with jealousy.
Katie said…
I love it! Don't get rid of it!!!!
I love love LOVE your kelly green dress! So fabulous!! The style, the color, the fit...darling!

Oh and I wash just about every single thing I own- dry clean only tag or not- on cold regular cycle. I hang dry most things but it all goes in the washer. I don't even have a front loader. My theory is that if I can spot clean something with a wet cloth and if it doesn't melt off me mid surprise rain storm, it can go in my washer with regular old Tide as long as I use cold/cold and hang dry. I've never once had an issue. Watch those be famous last words of course...
jessica said…
Super cute - I always love a good refashion project!
tarabu said…
seriously like the update on that dress!

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