My Boy & His Egg Baby

I need to talk about Taylor. Just one more time. And then I'll try to stop. This past weekend he completed the National Youth Leader Training for Boy Scouts.

Before he left on Friday afternoon, Joe noticed a little something off about Taylor. Taylor had trimmed his bangs. By himself. Remember that cute hair you all liked last week? Well, he butchered the front of it. (Honestly, he was so busy packing and rushing out the door, that I hadn't noticed. And, perhaps, that was his master plan. That I wouldn't notice. Especially with his BSA cap on his head.)

About a week ago he announced he needed a blown egg for school. He picked one of our Araucana eggs and I helped him with the egg extraction. Later he told us that he had to "babysit" this egg for a week and take care of it for class.

It wasn't until this past Monday that I discovered why Taylor cut his hair. My friend's son is Taylor's friend and well, friends talk and I found out through my friend that Taylor cut his hair to put on his egg baby. Nice, creative work, my boy. (Oh, and apparently Joe knew this all along. I thought Taylor was finally sick of his long bangs and decided to cut his hair.)

And, I have to note that after six kids, Taylor is the only one who has cut his own hair. In 13+ years of mothering, this is a first. Even Spenser's wish to have hair like her brothers never materialized.


Amy Siegert said…
That is too funny, Lera. Cute! cute! cute!
And consider yourself lucky that you've parented for 10 plus years without a haircutting incident ;)
Katie said…
This is SO funny! And a little creepy! LOL!!!
Ian M said…
Greatt reading your blog

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