Friday, October 13, 2006

A Busy Few Days

You probably think I've been partying for my birthday the past few days. The truth is, things have been hectic.

As you know, Tuesday was my birthday. I spent the morning taking Mason to preschool and running errands. Joe had taken off for the day, but didn't tell me until that afternoon. (He had a meeting in the morning and came home afterwards.)

A few friends stopped by with gifts. Those very nice, warm, and comfy Mary-Jane-style, crocheted slippers (from Target); cheesecake; Berger cookies; candles; and homemade peanut butter and chocolate candies were just a few of the goodies.

Then we had to help Taylor finish his 'character puppet' for school, based on the book The Last Battle (from The Chronicles of Narnia). He is made from recycled materials (as was the requirement). A lemonade cannister for his body, paper towel roll (cut in half) for his arms, and a paper mache head. We used paint and felt for embellishments. It took most of the afternoon. (And, sorry Nikki, we forgot about soccer practice!)

Then Joe surprised me (Mason, Spenser and Sawyer) with an overnight trip to Gettysburg. The three older boys went to spend the night with Joe's parents, since they had school the next day.

Spenser and Mason loved the hotel. They loved to jump on the bed.

And Wednesday we started celebrating Joe's 38th birthday. Yes, his birthday is the day after mine, so we have a couple days of celebrating. We had two nice days together.

I have been very exhausted the past few days, leaving me to be a grumpy mama. Sawyer did not sleep well last night. I think I saw every hour on the clock. So, not only am I sleepy today, but still very grumpy. I fussed at the boys before school ... several times. We're not off to a good start. Hopefully the day will get better.


kookaluka said...

taylor's puppet looks good! hotel room looks pretty too. tristan has the same swim suit as mason except it's blue and green. did we buy them at the same time? i forget.

beki said...

Cute slippers!

Mama grumpiness must be going around - our morning was filled with fussiness too. I'm chalking it up to Friday the 13th.

I hope you can get some rest, you deserve it!

laeroport said...

What great birthday goodies.

And as for today - it IS Friday the 13th, after all. Things are bound to be a bit wacky.

madmommy said...

Happy Birthday to all of you! Wow, have you been busy!

Love the slippers...

African Kelli said...

Yay! What a fun treat. I hope you are getting enough rest with Sawyer.

capello said...

i love me some sleep too.

taylor's puppet? eight degrees of awesomeness.

i'm glad you got away for some fun, but still... you need your sleep lady. lots and lots of sleep.

linda said...

A tired celebration, huh? I hope you've gotten some more rest. Tired and bad grumpy is a bad combination with an infant...I'm so sorry!