Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Recent Thrifty Finds

Two recent thrift finds from the Swap Shop. A carafe. Love the colors. I can imagine orange juice in it right now.

And a small, children's wooden desk.

Both were absolutely free.


Angela said...

cute! and free is always good. ;-)

beki said...

We have a desk just like that. You can't beat free, that's for sure.

capello said...

woman! what are you doing going out with ::counting:: six kids?

free? awesome!

Alicia A. said...

Free?! You're kidding. I LOVE that school desk!

laeroport said...

you find the best stuff - at the BEST price!

Anonymous said...

SO much has happened since I've been gone!

1. I'm glad you are feeling better.
2. Happy 3 weeks to Sawyer!
3. Happy birthday to you!
4. Happy birthday to Joe!
5. Nice bargain hunting!

linda said...

What is a swap shop? You get things for FREE?? I really like that old desk. It reminds me of the one you commented on. If I could get a couple more, I'd be set!

kirsten said...

seriously, free is good - and i need a swap shop! i need it!

the last post was cute, too - there's nothing like trix yogurt in bed! :)