Monday, October 30, 2006

Weekend Fun

Saturday was interesting.

Saturday afternoon, Joe discovered we had a sewage backup in our basement. We have town water and sewage, so we contacted the town and they sent someone over (2 hours later) to remove the clog down the street. It was lovely. Our basement was filling up with the town's crap water.

Luckily Joe was home. He was supposed to be away Friday and Saturday, and they changed it (on Wednesday) to Thursday and Friday. And, luckily, Joe caught it soon after it started, which is a good thing considering how fast it was coming out at first.

Jack's soccer tournament and Taylor's soccer game were cancelled due to the rainy weather, but Carter still had his. His team lost. Again. I don't think his team has won in two years. Poor guy. (Same coaches and mostly the same kids.)

Saturday evening our church had "Trunk or Treat." It was freezing and windy. The kids enjoyed it, though. Spenser was a ladybug. The boys were characters from Star Wars. (I think Obi Wan, Count Dooku, Anakin and Luke Skywalker. Or maybe Darth Vader ?)

Saturday night Joe, Sawyer, Spenser and I were sitting on the sofa. The baby started gagging, which I assumed was his reflux (Joe was holding him). I reached down to make sure he was upright and noticed that Spenser had 2 fingers in his mouth and she was the reason he was gagging. (I've found her putting her fingers and a blanket in his mouth before, but not to the point of gagging him. Although, I may have caught it earlier both times.) That girl!

And I managed to get a few little projects sewn. I was invited to a baby shower on Saturday, but when I thought Joe was going to be out of town and when I thought I was going to have a million soccer games that day, I declined the invite. (I'm still working on some of the projects...)

I machine-embroidered "Hailey" on a flannel receiving blanket. Made a total of four burp cloths (out of flannel and chenille). Two for the shower and two for a new baby girl at church. And a little pair of purple bitty booties (still awaiting the blanket stitch at the top). It felt really good to sew. Although, I must admit that I'm a little rusty. Some of my straight lines weren't so straight. And sitting made my back hurt.

Joe is now out of town until Thursday night (which is also Spenser's birthday). Wish me luck!


Alicia A. said...

Busy, busy.

Good luck this week! I don't know how you ladies with husbands who travel do it. Amazing.

(Your sewing looks very nice, btw.)

madmommy said...

I love how happy the ladybug looks surrounded by here "retinue" of Star Wars bodyguards! Or is that maybe R2-D2, dressed as a ladybug, lol?

laeroport said...

Look at you whippin' out those cosutmes! We had trunk or treat last night too - but it was HOT. So maybe our weather will reach you by halloween. Tonight we get a cold front and tomorrow's high will only be in the 40s. We'll be wearing long johns under our costumes, I'm sure.

African Kelli said...

oh my gosh Spenser looks so big already! And such a cute ladybug. A church near my home had Trunk Or Treat advertised for the community too. What is that?

capello said...

Gee. I'm kinda scared of your boys. You only have one Jedi Knight and three Sith Lords.

(I'm thinking of you and Joe being out of town. Wish I lived closer.)

linda said...

Isn't it funny how a few days off from sewing can make you rusty? When I don't make a bag for a few weeks I forget steps - like putting in pockets.

The gifts are sweet.

shirley said...

The children look great! And what a nice set of baby the purple bitty booties.